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    Personal Injury Lawyers in Lawrence, KS, Fighting for Your Rights after an Accident

    Have you been injured because of someone else’s reckless actions or carelessness? As you’re lying in the hospital, in pain and worried about your recovery, you’re probably also wondering how you’re going to pay your mounting medical bills or provide for your family. Fortunately, our Manhattan, KS personal injury attorney are here to help.

    The party that caused your harm — whether it’s the driver of the other car, a property owner who let their premises fall into disrepair, or the manufacturer of a defective consumer product — should also be responsible for compensating you for your losses.

    Why Choose Us?

    Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

    The Palmer Law Group attorneys have decades of combined experience representing injured Lawrence plaintiffs and their families. We have a strong reputation in Kansas for fierce negotiation for our clients and tenacious litigation in the courtroom.

    We offer insightful legal advice tailored to your situation and advocate for your interests alone. You’ll get prompt responses to your questions and a case built with strong evidence to lead to a successful outcome.

    What is a Personal Injury Case?

    Personal injury lawsuits are a legal vehicle for people who were injured by the negligence of another to be made financially whole. These matters are settled in civil court, not criminal, so while the other party, the defendant, may have done something illegal, the personal injury suit won’t result in jail time.

    Personal injury suits are still about justice, though. Your personal injury lawyer in Lawrence, KS, files the suit seeking coverage of your post-accident medical bills and associated treatment costs, like physical therapy and medication. The compensation you win can also cover the wages you lost because of time missed at work.

    Part of the personal injury case also provides consideration for your pain and suffering. Your injuries hurt, and while the settlement can’t heal you any faster, it is a way to compensate you for the pain, emotional trauma, and diminished quality of life that you may have after the accident. In such situations, consulting a Topeka burn injury lawyer or an experienced Topeka brain injury lawyer can be crucial in ensuring you receive fair compensation for all aspects of your injury, including these non-economic damages.

    What Do Personal Injury Lawyers in Lawrence, KS, Do?

    Lawrence’s personal injury lawyers advocate for the plaintiff (the victim of the accident) in a personal injury case. They conduct independent investigations into the cause of their client’s accident and find the right party or parties to hold accountable. Part of the investigation includes discovery, which is questioning witnesses or other interested parties under oath to establish the defendant’s liability.

    Your personal injury lawyer in Lawrence, KS, is your advocate through the legal process. Many defendants, especially large companies or property owners, will have entire legal teams to defend them against personal injury lawsuits. The defendant’s insurance company, which will likely pay the claim if the defendant is found liable, also has a legal department. Similarly, in cases like a pedestrian an experienced  Manhattan, KS pedestrian accident attorney with specific expertise is crucial. Your lawyer levels the playing field and represents your interests.

    Many personal injury cases are settled out of court in mediation negotiations. Your Manhattan, KS wrongful death attorney negotiates on your behalf. If they cannot reach a fair agreement, your lawyer litigates your personal injury suit in a trial.

    Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lawrence, KS?

    Your Best Chance for Getting Maximum Compensation

    If you’ve been hurt in a car collision, injured on the job, exposed to toxic substances from a defective beauty product, or even bitten by the neighbor’s dog, you may have a valid personal injury claim and be entitled to compensatory damages. But you won’t know unless you consult with a skilled Lawrence personal injury attorney from Palmer Law Group.

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    FAQs about Personal Injuries

    Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Lawrence Personal Injury Lawyers

    We know that after you’ve been injured in an accident, you have lots of questions and worries about your recovery and medical bills. These are some of the most common questions clients ask our Lawrence, KS, personal injury attorneys:

    Do I need Lawrence personal injury lawyers in order to receive a settlement for my injury?

    Not necessarily. If the defendant is very clearly in the wrong, then their insurance company may offer a fast settlement to make the case go away. But this offer will likely be much lower than your case is truly worth; and once you accept it, you can’t file a suit if it turns out that your losses are more than what the insurance company offered. Working with  Lawrence, KS, personal injury attorneys often affords you a much better chance of a higher settlement.

    How do I know if I have a personal injury claim?

    The easiest way to determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim is to talk to our personal injury lawyers in Lawrence, KS. Our decades of combined experience give us the insight you need to evaluate the strength of your claim and properly value your case.

    What does negligence mean?

    Negligence is a legal term that’s the crux of all personal injury cases. It consists of four elements that your attorney must prove in order to show that the defendant was liable for your injuries and owes you compensation.

    These four elements are:

    • The defendant owed you a duty of care.
    • The defendant’s actions (or inactions) breached this duty of care.
    • This breach led to the circumstances that caused your injury.
    • You suffered financial losses because of your injuries (medical bills, etc.).

    In order to win your case, your attorney must prove with a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant was negligent.

    What kind of evidence proves negligence?

    Evidence can include witness statements, so it’s important to jot down the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. It can also include any CCTV, traffic cam, or other video footage of the accident, as well as photos of the scene and your injuries.

    Other evidence may include the safety records of a manufacturing company or the product testing of a consumer products company. The kind of evidence we need depends on the nature of your case.

    How much is my personal injury claim worth?

    Generally, the higher your losses, the more your settlement will be. Personal injury settlements consist of both economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are quantifiable losses, such as:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages from work
    • Property damage, like a totaled car.

    Non-economic damages cover pain and suffering and the emotional trauma you may suffer after the accident. They are calculated as a factor of the economic damages, so in general, the higher the amount of your economic losses, the higher your non-economic damages will be, too.

    Your case could also include punitive damages.

    What are punitive damages?

    Punitive damages are a form of monetary punishment assessed against a defendant whose actions were especially irresponsible or who acted with wanton disregard for the safety of others. Some cases in which Lawrence’s personal injury lawyers may file punitive damages against the defendant  include:

    • A driver who was drunk and had multiple DUIs
    • A consumer manufacturing company whose product testing cuts corners
    • An employer who permitted unsafe working conditions to persist even after being notified of them.

    Punitive damages may not be a part of every Kansas personal injury settlement.

    Our promise to you: We will answer your questions promptly and honestly and give you the professional legal advice you need to help you make the right choices for your claim.

    The Lawrence, KS, personal injury attorneys at Palmer Law Group can help you understand your rights and legal recourse to get a fair settlement. Call us at (785) 233-1836 for a free initial consultation.

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