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    Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights After a Wreck

    Riding your bike around the streets of Topeka is a great way to get some exercise, have a more eco-friendly commute, or enjoy a sunny summer day with the whole family. However, great times on the bike can quickly turn disastrous if you’re struck by a car while riding. Bicyclists lack the protective metal shell of a car or SUV, so their injuries are often much worse than those of the driver and car passengers. Fortunately, a Topeka bicycle accident attorney can help.

    If you’ve been hit by a car while biking, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses from the responsible driver. The insurance companies may not be on your side after a collision, but we are.

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    Choosing the right Topeka bicycle accident attorney can mean the difference between receiving a settlement after a wreck and having your claim dismissed. At Palmer Law Group, we’re familiar with the laws covering bike accidents and lawsuits and understand the differences between litigating these kinds of claims and those involving two or more vehicles.

    When you work with Our Legal Team, you and your family are in good hands. Our knowledgeable team of bicycle accident lawyers, including expertise in areas like Lawrence truck accident lawyer, is determined to get results for you. We put your needs first and tailor our advice to your unique situation.

    Don’t fight against big insurance companies alone. Call today for a free consultation with one of our Topeka bicycle accident lawyers.

    Bike Accidents Cause Life-Changing Injuries

    Even if you wear a bike helmet and Other Safety Gear, you’re still much more likely to suffer severe injuries than the driver of the car. Without the protection of a metal shell, a seat belt, and airbags, you may end up with one of these catastrophic bicycle accident injuries:

    • Concussion or traumatic brain injury
    • Broken bones or crushed limbs
    • Partial or total paralysis
    • Involuntary amputation
    • Internal organ damage and bleeding
    • Facial injuries or missing teeth
    • Contusions and lacerations
    • Spinal injuries.

    Unfortunately, many bike accident victims’ injuries aren’t limited to just one of these. Your recovery may include surgery and weeks or months of physical therapy, with no guarantee that you’ll fully heal. You deserve compensation for the high medical bills resulting from your accident injuries, including hospital stays, medication, and any medical devices you need to heal or get around while healing.

    A Bike Accident Suit Can Help You Get the Settlement You Deserve

    Damages You’re Entitled to in a Kansas Bike Accident Claim

    Your medical bills and associated care are just some of the damages you’re entitled to after being hit while riding your bike. A Topeka brain injury lawyer can help in understanding and claiming these damages. Personal injury lawsuits typically involve two — sometimes three — types of damages.

    Economic damages are those which can be quantified and tallied, such as:

    • Medical care
    • Modifications to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injuries
    • Property damage to belongings destroyed in the wreck
    • Lost wages from time missed at work
    • Loss of earning potential if your injury limits your capacity to work.

    You may also be entitled to non-economic damages after a collision. While it’s difficult to assign a dollar value to the pain and suffering you feel from your injuries, accident victims often suffer other losses they should be compensated for, such as:

    • Emotional trauma, mental anguish, or anxiety
    • Disfigurement or disability
    • Loss of social consortium
    • Pain and suffering.

    Non-Economic Damages are calculated based on your economic damages. The worse your injuries, the greater your economic damages will usually be. And since you’ll experience more suffering with severe injuries, your non-economic damages should also be greater.

    A Topeka Bike Accident Attorney Holds the At-Fault Driver Accountable

    When you’re lying in the hospital after a bike wreck, the last thing you want to think about is your legal settlement. You may get calls from the other party’s insurance company or even a settlement offer. The driver’s insurance adjuster is not your friend — they want to minimize the amount of your claim, alleging that you aren’t injured as badly as you claim, or they may even deny your claim outright, blaming you for the accident.

    Our Topeka bicycle accident attorneys handle all communication with the other party on your behalf. This lets you heal in peace without worrying that you’ll say something that might jeopardize your case. Bicycle accident lawyers usually start by sending the driver a demand letter stating the amount of the damages and requesting a settlement. If the other party denies the demand, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to arrive at a fair compromise.

    If the other party won’t settle in mediation, we’ll be forced to take your case to trial. As your Topeka bicycle accident lawyers, we’ll gather evidence proving that the other driver was negligent and caused your wreck, then present your case before a judge and jury.

    Do You Need Legal Help after Being Hit by a Car While Riding Your Bike?

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    If you’ve been hurt while riding your bike, contact Palmer Law Group today at (785) 233-1836 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Topeka bicycle accident attorney. We’re on your side!

    FAQs about Bicycle Accidents

    You likely have many questions about your bike injury claim. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about bicycle accident injuries.

    How much is my bike injury settlement worth?

    Each situation is different. Generally, however, the worse you’re injured, the greater your settlement will be. When we value your case, we’ll consider your current losses and future needs, like recovery in a nursing home or permanent modifications to your home if you’re paralyzed.

    Will I have to testify at a trial?

    Possibly. Sometimes, a civil trial is the only way we can get justice for our clients. If your case goes to trial, you may have to testify about your actions leading up to the accident. Don’t worry — your Topeka bicycle accident attorneys will make sure you’re well-prepared.

    If I’m partly to blame for causing the accident, will I still get a settlement?

    If you’re found less than 51% to blame for the accident, you can still receive compensation. Kansas is a modified comparative negligence state for personal injury claims, which means that if the plaintiff shared some of the fault, their claim is reduced by a proportional amount. You won’t receive anything if the judge finds you more than 50% responsible for the accident.

    How long do I have to file a bike accident claim in Topeka?

    You have two years from the date of the bike accident to file a personal injury claim.

    My loved one died from bicycle accident injuries. Do I have any legal options?

    If one of your loved ones died after being hit while riding their bike, our Manhattan, KS wrongful death attorney at our law firm can file a wrongful death suit on your behalf, collecting compensatory damages for your family

    If you have more specific questions about bicycle accidents or the particulars of your case, your lawyer will be happy to answer them during a private consultation.

    If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident in Topeka, call Palmer Law Group today at (785) 233-1836 for a complimentary consultation.

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