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Picture of Jerry R. Palmer

Jerry R. Palmer


Jerry R. Palmer founded the Palmer Law Group’s preceding firm in 1980. Mr. Palmer has dedicated his career to assisting people embroiled in business, personal, medical malpractice and other disputes in the state of Kansas.   Mr. Palmer currently maintains a full time mediation practice of Palmer Mediation, LLC

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Picture of LJ Leatherman

LJ Leatherman


LJ Leatherman passionately believes in fair and dedicated representation for individuals who have been affected by automobile negligence, electrical injuries, firearm litigation, wrongful death, as well as, third-party claims against insurance companies and all other areas of personal injury litigation.

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Picture of Gary D. White, Jr.

Gary D. White, Jr.


Gary D. White, Jr is passionately dedicated to representing individuals across the State of Kansas in the areas of automobile negligence, medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, third-party claims against insurance companies, and all other areas of injury litigation.

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Picture of Meaghan M. Girard

Meaghan M. Girard


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Picture of Dustin L. Van Dyk

Dustin L. Van Dyk


Dustin L. Van Dyk has over ten years’ experience in litigating and trying cases on behalf of individuals who have been harmed or damaged by others in automobile accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.  Dustin has extensive experience in personal injury law and has successfully obtained favorable outcomes for hundreds of clients over his many years of practice. Dustin was rated as a Top 40 Lawyer Under 40 by the National Trial Lawyer’s Association, as well as a rising star by SuperLawyers.

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Picture of Susan Gering

Susan Gering


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