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An Accident Involving An 18-Wheeler Can Be Life Changing

Have you been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, semi-tractor trailer or 18-wheeler vehicle? Kansas highways have a high volume of truck traffic due to our agriculture and farm/livestock businesses around the state. This high volume of truck traffic can sometimes lead to severe accidents that are caused by commercial trucks. The Palmer Law Group specializes in truck accidents and we have been practicing in Kansas for over thirty years.

State and federal laws require strict regulations for the trucking industry, but occasionally a driver will become tired or distracted and it can then cause a major vehicle accident. Some of the best advice that you can receive in regards to a “not at fault” car or truck accident is to contact an experienced team of qualified attorneys. Palmer Law Group knows that there can be many causes for truck accidents, not just driver exhaustion, which is why you need our lawyers to help you navigate the system.

Semi-Truck Accident Experts — Palmer Law Group

We are fluent in Kansas state’s many laws of the road and we understand trucking laws as well as the importance of determining the reason for the crash. There can be many factors that cause big rig accidents and our team is ready to assist you from the start with a free consultation.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck or semi-tractor trailer, call Palmer Law in Topeka. Not only are our lawyers some of the best in the state of Kansas, but we also have several nationally recognized attorneys. Palmer Law has won millions of dollars for our clients and our legal team can help you get fair and just compensation.

Call Palmer Law Group at 888-732-2114 if you have been involved in a traffic accident with a commercial vehicle and it was not your fault.

Semi-Trucks outweigh most passenger cars by tens of thousands of pounds. If you’ve been injured in a truck-related accident, call Palmer Law Group, LLP.