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    It is probably not surprising to hear that being involved in a truck accident can be a serious matter – especially when you consider that the average semi-truck weighs up to 20 or 30 times more than a standard passenger car.

    But when faced with the facts about the dangers of truck accidents, it becomes clear that unsafe, overtired, or inattentive truck drivers can be one of the biggest risks to your safety on the road.

    According to information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), more than 4,100 individuals died as a result of large truck crashes in 2017. Of those fatalities, only 17 percent were semi-truck drivers, with nearly 70 percent of deaths being the occupants of passenger vehicles involved.

    When a vehicular accident involved just two vehicles (one being a passenger vehicle and the other a semi-truck), almost 100 percent of those killed were occupants of a passenger vehicle. Besides, hundreds of thousands of other related accidents led to severe injury and property damage. This is particularly significant in cases where a brain injury is sustained, making the role of a Manhattan, KS brain injury attorney crucial.

    What does this mean when you have been involved in a truck accident? Whether you are a surviving victim yourself or are pursuing justice on behalf of a loved one, the statistics prove that it is not a situation to take lightly.

    The right truck accident lawyer can help you fight for your rights in court, standing up to irresponsible truck driving and doing your part to make the roads safer for everyone.

    What Can You Do If You Are Involved in a Semi-Truck Accident?

    Being in an accident with a semi-truck is incredibly scary. It can be unnerving, it can make it difficult to get out and keep driving, and it can profoundly change the rest of your life. So, what can you do if you are in an accident with a semi-truck?

    The first thing that you need to do is to get adequate medical care. At the time of the accident, you need to take the time to get medical care and ensure you are well enough to proceed.

    At the time of the accident, you should take photos of both your vehicle and the other vehicles that were part of the accident. Though the police might take their pictures, it is always a great idea to have your photos to keep track of the accident yourself.

    When you get medical care, you can then start to contemplate what you can do and what your next steps should be. Most trucking accident claims are going to be settled out of court, but you do need the help of a great lawyer to help you build a case.

    After you have started to heal, contacting a lawyer is the best way to get your case squared away. Your lawyer will meet with you and talk about the accident, and they will get the overall story and any supporting evidence you have on hand.

    They will also work to collect the police report, to collect any witness statements, and any other supporting information that might help to prove your case. Finally, your lawyer will work with you to collect any information needed to prove that you were not at fault, that the semi-truck driver is at fault, and that there is a cause for a settlement.

    Topeka Truck Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

    Being involved in a semi-truck accident is a frightening, confusing, and overwhelming experience, significantly if you or a loved one has been seriously injured or even killed due to a wrongful death. In such difficult times, consulting a Manhattan, KS wrongful death attorney can provide the necessary legal support and guidance to navigate through the complex legal proceedings that may follow.

    All too often, truck accident victims feel the pressure to settle with the insurance company and avoid legal action – but did you know that many factors could contribute to the truck driver being at fault?

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) describes factors that can contribute to a semi-truck accident, including:

    • Truck driver fatigue-drivers dropping off to sleep while driving cause many accidents.
    • Truck drivers operating a vehicle under the influence-this can be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other illicit substances.
    • Safety violations-any safety violation that might result in an accident or injury to another person.
    • Poorly maintained trucks
    • Issues with truck braking capabilities
    • Bad weather conditions.

    The team at the Palmer Law Group understands that there are many reasons for truck accidents to occur – a considerable number of which are completely no fault of the passenger vehicle occupants.

    We will work with you to prove that you are not at fault, prove that the driver of the truck was at fault, and that the accident could have been prevented if they had done things differently.

    We will take the reins and take over to prove that you are not at fault and to collect the information needed to prove your case and get your settlement.

    What Can Your Settlement Be Used For?

    Settlements that are attained from a truck accident can be used for nearly anything. They can be used for your medical bills, your costs that are associated with the accident, time off work, emotional distress, and more. Your settlement is going to be determined by a few different factors.

    Our lawyers will consider factors like the overall destruction of your vehicle, the medical bills that you accumulate due to the accident, any time that you have to take off work, the emotional distress that you suffer from, any lasting disabilities, and even any continuing care that might be needed to help sustain your quality of life.

    The goal of a settlement is to help you get back to your former quality of life or to get back to the overall quality of life that you had prior to the accident. We will work with you to help you get the best overall settlement possible so that you can then get your life back on track.

    Settlements can be used for anything that you need:

    • Medical bills
    • Getting a new vehicle
    • Continuing care
    • Pain and suffering
    • Time off work
    • Loss of quality of life.

    We will work with you to help you get the best settlement possible and we will not leave your side until the case is settled.

    Many cases will be settled out of court, we will work with you if your case is settled out of court, we will work with you if your case goes to court, and we will help you from start to finish.

    Take Action when You Are Involved in a Semi-Truck Accident

    If you or a loved one has been the victim of a commercial vehicle accident, the Palmer Law Group is here to help. Finding yourself in a situation in which you are not at fault in an accident can be challenging enough.

    Especially, when you are faced with pressure from the insurance companies, another driver, and other sources – but that stress can multiply tenfold when you are going up against a major corporation or business backing the commercial truck driver.

    The truck accident experts at the Palmer Law Group can alleviate the burden, guiding you through the complex process of navigating the legal system. Because we possess a detailed understanding of current Kansas and federal trucking laws.

    In addition, we understand general traffic regulations, and our team can offer you the benefit of an experienced, knowledgeable perspective on your situation. We believe that all drivers have the right to be safe on the road.

    When a commercial driver fails to adhere to proper safety regulations, it is important that the proper action is taken to make it right.

    Why Choose Palmer Law Group?

    Our lawyers have decades of combined experience, and we will work with you from start to finish. We will not stop until you get the settlement that you deserve.

    We have a range of experts that will work with you to ensure that your case is solid and that the settlement you get is the one that you deserve.

    We have worked with hundreds of people that have been part of truck accidents. We know what it takes to create a solid case and to get a settlement that is going to work for you.

    Our lawyers are professional, compassionate, and kind, and we will do all that we can to ensure that you are happy with the settlement that you get. Life does not have to stop because you have dealt with a truck accident. If you are facing such a situation, we can help.

    Contact us today to learn more about cases that we have won, cases that we have been involved with, what we can do for you, and what we can do to help you get a settlement that is going to truly help you recover and get back to life as normal after your accident.

    Get more information about how to take the next steps in your truck accident legal case by contacting the Palmer Law Group or calling (785) 233-1836 for a no-cost consultation.

    FAQ About Truck Accidents

    Do all Truck Accidents Go to Court?

    No, most trucking accidents or accidents involving semi-trucks will be settled out of court to help ensure that the company name is upheld, and that the victim gets adequate compensation.

    Do You Have to Be Present in Court if Your Trial Goes to Court?

    You may not have to be in the courtroom if your trial makes it to court. There is a good chance that you are not going to have to be there and that your lawyer is going to be able to fight for you.

    Is My Settlement Going to Be Bigger if I Go to Court?

    This really depends on the accident itself and its severity. In some cases, the settlement might be bigger, in others, you may end up spending some of your settlement on court costs. It is always best to get the advice of a lawyer.

    How Long Do Cases Involving Semi-Trucks Take to Settle?

    Again, this depends on the accident and on the company itself. It is always going to be best to speak with a lawyer or to get the help of a lawyer to help speed the process along and ensure that you are getting a fair trial and a fair settlement.

    What Does My Settlement Cover?

    Your settlement is going to cover the cost of your bills associated with the accident, the cost of your ongoing medical care, pain and suffering, and more.

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