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Palmer Law Fights Against Negligent Animal Attacks

Being bitten by a dog is no laughing matter. Dog bites can cause serious damage and if you have been bitten and injured by someone else’s dog – Palmer Law Group is here to help. Animals can act unexpectedly and if a dog owner is not paying the proper amount of attention, serious injuries can happen. Palmer Law Group understands that a vicious dog attack can have a profound impact on your life and your earnings potential.

The award-winning legal team at Palmer Law Group can help you sift through medical bills and insurance paperwork and make sure that you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve. Our winning verdicts have secured millions of dollars in settlements for our clients who have been wrongfully injured in premise liability, insurance bad faith, and product liability.

A Bite From A Vicious Dog Can Have Devastating Consequences

According to the American Veterinary Association, there are currently more than 78 million dogs living in the United States and 44 percent of all households have a dog as a pet. Dogs are widely considered to be “man’s best friend” but if a negligent owner has their dog off-leash or is not paying close attention to their surroundings, dogs can sometimes lunge and attack at a moment’s notice doing serious bodily harm. If you, or a loved one, have been injured by a dog then you should seek the advice of professional and experienced personal injury lawyers. Palmer Law Group has been awarded more than $80 million dollars in damages for our clients and we can help you navigate the Kansas legal system.

Palmer Law has been doing business in Topeka for more than thirty years and we are nationally recognized as some of the top lawyers in the state. Personal injuries can set you back physically, mentally and financially and Palmer Law wants to help. Call Palmer Law Group at 888-297-6212 today for a free consultation on your dog bite case.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Topeka KS

Palmer Law Group, LLP are litigators experienced with all types of Personal Injury, from dog bites to bicycle accidents.

Client Testimonial

”Dustin always responded quickly and thoroughly to my questions and did an amazing job handling my case. Should the unfortunate ever happen again, Dustin is my first phone call!” - A.W. (Google Review)