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    Each year approximately 34 million people are severely injured or killed as a result of a product related accident, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. At Palmer Law, we believe that people should be able to trust that the products that they purchase are safe. Unfortunately, defective products can sometimes cause severe injuries and if this has happened to you or to a loved one — call Palmer Law Group.

    There can be dangerous products in almost every consumer category on the market: brakes can fail in cars, medicines can have dangerous side-effects, truck tires can blow out at normal speeds, foods can be unsafe and even household goods and appliances can be manufactured in dangerous ways that can cause injury. It is a sad reality that dangerous products can cause debilitating injuries or even death in some cases.

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    Oftentimes, it is not particularly necessary to prove or show negligence or the failures to exercise due caution on the part of the defendant in order to present a strong case. We must, however, be able to demonstrate that the product was in fact defective and that this defect made it unreasonably – and unpredictably – dangerous. It is also vital to your case that your injury was not the result of a deliberate misuse or alteration of a product and that you did not ignore clearly labeled warnings of potential dangers.

    A defective product is something that was designed defectively, packaged poorly, manufactured improperly or otherwise sold and marketed in such a way that it is unsafe to the consumer. Flawed design or manufacturing can result in dangerous products that can injure you and if this has happened to you, let an experienced law firm that is well versed in Kansas product liability law help you. If you have questions about a possible product liability case, we are here to help.

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    Product Liability is a specialty area of personal injury law, one that Palmer Law Group, LLP has decades of experience practicing. If you have been injured by a defective product, Palmer Law Group, LLP is your Product Liability law firm.

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