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    My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from the Palmer Law Group. We will be forever grateful and thankful for them helping us through our legal matter.  We would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal advice.

    Shelley Johnson (October 2020)

    My experience with Meaghan Girard from Palmer Law Group was the best I could have ever expected. They all know their business very well. I would recommend them to everyone that needs an attorney.

    Judy Corbidge (October 2020)

    LJ not only took care of all the legal matters for me and my family, but he showed compassion and was genuine. I would highly recommend him on all levels for legal representation! He in no way fits the profile of most lawyers. Top Notch!!!

    Misty Burgen (September 2020)

    Palmer Law attorneys are approachable, quick to respond to inquiries and take the time to explain processes in detail. I recommend their services.

    Deidre Hart (April 2020)

    So I’ve been working with the lovely Meaghan and Kristy…I was in an accident in August and contacted Meaghan based off the reviews that she had. Let me say this she will fight for you and I really appreciate that. Both her and Kristy are easily accessible and they NEVER make you feel like a burden. I like that they are down to earth and really take the time to listen. We are still working on my case but I recommend this dynamic duo!!!! Thanks, ladies for all you do!!!!

    Monique S. (January 2019)

    My family and I were involved in a car accident where a drunk driver plowed into our car. There were physical injuries suffered and obviously damage to our vehicle. I had no clue where to begin in the recovery process so I reached out to LJ Leatherman. LJ & his staff could not have been more helpful walking us through the process. Countless phone calls, emails and processing mountains of documents were all handled by him & his staff. Thank you LJ & Staff for all of your efforts in helping our family through this difficult time!

    Dan G. (December 2018)

    The Palmer Law Group and LJ Leatherman, in particular, was recommended to me by another friend (also a lawyer, but unable to represent me in my specific case). I was incredibly pleased with LJ and his staff who worked with me for over a year as I went through recovery and the settlement process. He was careful, patient, and attentive; matter-of-fact and genuine in all his interactions with me. I always had complete confidence in what he did, which was always very organized and logical. After a major injury, the recovery and the prospect of settlement negotiation could seem overwhelming, but LJ’s demeanor was very simple and casual–everything was one step at a time, and his staff took care of all paperwork.

    Most importantly, my worries and the pain I was going through was always validated–he actually cared that I was in pain and was struggling, and he listened as I described my recovery process. The next phrase was always, “OK, here is where we go from here…” It doesn’t seem like much, but when one has been through an injury it helps to have a lawyer who does care that the injury damaged one’s life. In the end, the process was easy, and I received a comfortable settlement.

    Communication was mostly over email, which was convenient for me (he offered multiple methods of communication and I opted for more emails over phone calls or other forms of communication). Many thanks to them, and I highly recommend LJ for any personal injury issues.

    Rachel S. (March 2018)

    I am currently working with Dustin Van Dyk and I couldn’t be more pleased! The entire staff is very pleasant to work with and I have full confidence that he will resolve my issue. I would use him again without hesitation.

    Megan T. (February 2017)

    I had a messy accident last year and Meaghan helped me through all of it. She’s an awesome person to work with and she knows how to do her job well. Hopefully, I’ll never need to contact her again but if I do I know she’ll be able to help me.

    Hannah S. (April 2017)

    As an attorney and a trustee in bankruptcy, I have hired LJ Leatherman and his firm to represent the bankruptcy estate in a number of very complicated personal injury cases suffered by debtors. LJ’s knowledge of the law commands respect with Judges and defense counsel; his timeliness in responding to inquiries and case issues is unmatched, and his empathy for the injured and the professionalism of his trial skills make him an amazingly good lawyer.

    Darcy W. (April 2017)

    I recently had been in an auto accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. I was left with a totaled car and having to deal with insurance agents and others. LJ Leatherman and his firm really addressed every email, phone call, and letter on my behalf because let’s face it I do not do this kind of stuff every day and some of it was confusing. In addition to helping with the post-accident matters quickly, a huge benefit to getting LJ’s help was just giving me the peace of mind that everything was being handled and handled the right way not leaving anything to chance. They were all amazing! Thanks, LJ!!

    Boyd B. (May 2017)

    I came to Meaghan Girard with a complex auto accident case and she handled it with expert advice, swift responses to my inquiries, and ultimately, an extremely positive outcome.

    I strongly recommend Meaghan Girard to anyone needing legal advice in Topeka and the surrounding area.

    Matthew M. (March 2017)

    Dustin Van Dyk was always on top of things after my motorcycle injury. Even though the offending insurance company was far from being hasty. He was able to help me get the most for my severe injuries and to get the hospital bills paid. If I ever need representation again, I will be calling Dustin.

    Lance G.(February 2017)

    I got in touch with Dustin Van Dyk with a very tricky auto accident, he did a great job answering any questions or concerns I had!

    Tisha P. (April 2017)