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Palmer Law Group Fights Insurance Companies Working In Bad Faith

What is a “bad faith” legal case? Insurance companies can occasionally act in “bad faith” when they decide not to compensate the covered party fairly, or even at all, despite the fact that the customer has paid to have the insurance policy in place. The Palmer Law Group of Topeka, Kansas has successfully handled numerous bad faith insurance cases. The award-winning team at Palmer Law Group will represent you, the insurance policy holder, in a claim against your insurance company who may have disputed or failed to pay a legitimate claim when you could be legally entitled to payment.

If you are reading this, then has your insurance provider denied a claim that you believe should be covered by your policy? Or has your claim been denied without the insurance company properly investigating the matter? You are in the right place… Palmer Law Group has represented bad faith insurance clients in Kansas for over thirty years and we have been awarded millions of dollars in client compensation.

Insurance Bad Faith In Kansas

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. As long as you pay the premiums, your insurer is obligated to pay benefits as long as the conditions identified in your policy are in effect. Insurance companies are legally bound to treat policyholders in good faith and if that is not the case, then you should contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Palmer Law Group offers free consultations on your case so call us now to reach our dedicated legal team and start the process towards helping you out of your insurance paperwork nightmare.

Call us at 888-297-6212 and request a free consultation on your insurance bad faith case.

Insurance is necessary in the modern world but sometimes those companies don’t meet their obligations. Palmer Law Group, LLP is an experienced Insurance Bad Faith litigator.

Client Testimonial

”My experience with Palmer Law Group exceeded any expectation I may have had. Dustin was always there to answer any question I had regardless of what it was. I put all of my trust in him and very pleased I did. I would highly recommend Dustin.” - Teresa Anderson (Google Review)