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    The human brain is the most powerful yet most delicate of all the organs. When injured, it can lead to lifelong debilitation, dependency, and costly treatment. When someone causes a brain injury, they can be held accountable for many of the victim’s losses, from medical bills to pain and suffering. Manhattan, KS, brain injury lawyers fight to ensure victims receive what they are owed.


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    Effective Advocacy

    Palmer Law Group’s extensive track record shows that our brain injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS, understand how to recover proper compensation payouts for our clients. Addressing your losses with maximum compensation is our No. 1 goal; we care about your future and fight hard to make it brighter.

    When you choose our firm to represent you, you get a firm with:

    • Free consultations for clients
    • Attorney accessibility around the clock
    • Personalized legal services
    • Representation by experienced brain injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS.

    With Palmer Law Group on your side, you never have to worry about leaving compensation on the table. We fight for every penny you deserve.

    Palmer Law Group is ready to help you get justice. Call (785) 233-1836 for a free consultation with a brain injury lawyer in Manhattan, KS.

    Accountability for Your Brain Injury

    If you have experienced a brain injury caused by someone else, you may be entitled to pursue valuable damages from the liable party, including:

    • Medical treatment costs
    • Lost income and missed employment opportunities
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental and emotional anguish
    • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
    • Loss of consortium.

    To benefit from these damages, injury victims need legal representation to build a strong case for liability. Whether someone is liable depends on the circumstances of the accident which caused the injury.

    Traffic Accidents

    If your brain injury occurs during a traffic accident, you will likely be entitled to limited coverage up to a point by personal insurance protection (PIP), regardless of fault. However, if your brain injury is serious enough, you may be entitled to pursue full compensation for your damages. In this case, your Manhattan, KS, brain injury lawyer must prove some sort of negligence or unlawful act.

    In traffic, these acts may include:

    • Drunk driving
    • Failure to yield
    • Speeding
    • Driving while drowsy.

    Keep in mind that motorcycle riders must also purchase PIP insurance, which is not always the case in other states following no-fault insurance rules.

    Property Owner Negligence

    Property owner negligence typically manifests as a failure to remedy a dangerous condition, such as:

    • Slippery or slick walking surfaces
    • Broken stairs or guardrails
    • Blocked or cluttered entrances and exits
    • Strewn cords or cables
    • Holes in the ground
    • Lack of adequate security.

    Both property owners and tenants may face liability in cases such as these. At Palmer Law Group, we make sure all liable parties are held to account.

    Negligence at Work

    In personal injury law, third parties to work accidents (that is, anyone not employer or employee) can be held liable for full damages. If a third party was instrumental in your accident, Palmer Law Group will find them and hold them accountable.

    Intentional Acts

    Intentional acts that cause brain injuries are typically criminal in nature. Perpetrators may use weapons, such as a gun or a bat, or no weapon at all. In some of these cases, a criminal prosecution will parallel the civil case for damages. Even if the state chooses not to prosecute an offender, the victim may still seek damages for their injuries.

    Medical Malpractice

    Negligent healthcare professionals can cause brain injuries in many different ways, including through failure to diagnose, improper surgical procedures, and the improper use of medication or equipment. Palmer Law Group works hard to hold them liable for the losses they create.

    Palmer Law Group’s brain injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS, leave no stone unturned when searching for the compensation you are entitled to.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get more answers and information about brain injuries and compensation from the Q&A that follows.

    What is the statute of limitations for brain injury claims in Kansas?

    Kansas has a two-year statute of limitations for brain injury compensation. The clock starts ticking when the injury occurs or when the victim should have discovered the injury.

    Can I afford a brain injury lawyer in Manhattan, KS?

    Yes. Brain injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS, charge a percentage of your final compensation payout. No out-of-pocket money is required.

    How are brain injuries treated?

    Treatment depends on the type and extent of the injury. Doctors may prescribe rest, medication, or even surgery.

    Can I sue someone for a brain injury at work?

    You may sue a third party for negligence after a work injury. You may also collect workers’ comp simultaneously.

    Give us a call for more information related to brain injuries and compensation. An experienced Manhattan, KS, brain injury lawyer is ready to take your call and discuss your case.

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    Take a Major Step Toward Compensation

    A brain injury can forever alter the plans and dreams of a victim and their loved ones. Fortunately, recompense is available in the form of money that goes a long way in victims’ lives.

    If you or someone you care about has experienced a brain injury in Manhattan, KS, you may be in line to receive significant funds for your losses. Call (785) 233-1836 today and learn how much you may be entitled to.

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