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    When you are sharing Kansas roads with truck drivers, you may not give much thought to the chances of having an accident. After all, truck drivers are professionals who need training and special licenses to do their jobs. However, just like any driver, it only takes one moment of inattentiveness or one error for truck drivers to cause an accident, even with their high levels of experience and training.

    Because of the weight and size of trucks, mistakes that these drivers make can lead to devastating crashes that leave you with life-altering injuries. You did not do anything wrong, and you should not have to suffer the consequences of your injuries without financial compensation. That’s where Palmer Law Group can help. Our Lawrence truck accident lawyers will defend your right to seek damages after a crash that was not your fault. We know the importance of this financial settlement to you and your family, and we do not cut corners when we represent you.

    Why You Should Select Our Truck Accident Attorneys in Lawrence

    At Palmer Law Group, we offer our clients a number of advantages that you won’t have if you try to represent yourself against the insurance company. Some of the advantages of hiring our truck injury crash lawyers in Lawrence, KS, include:

    • Focusing on clients: We know that insurance companies often treat injured victims unfairly in hopes of trying to pay a reduced settlement or no settlement. We focus on your needs, forcing the insurer to treat you fairly and with respect.
    • Going to trial: Although very few personal injury cases like this end up going to trial, we have a reputation of being willing to go to trial, which often causes insurance companies to be more willing to negotiate fairly. Insurers want to avoid expensive trials whenever possible.
    • Delivering successful results: We can point to our track record of success, including winning dozens of six- and seven-figure settlements. We even won a $5 million award for a motorcyclist hit by a truck. You can be confident we will always fight for every last dollar you deserve to have, because we’ve done it over and over for our past clients.

    Our Lawrence Truck Accident Injury Law Firm Has the Experience You Can Trust

    Led by founder Jerry R. Palmer, the team at Palmer Law Group has more than six decades of collective experience helping injured people seek the financial awards they should have.

    We understand that going through the legal process can be intimidating for people who are also trying to overcome serious injuries that may never fully heal. Some people may even think about skipping the entire idea of trying to seek damages because of the hassles involved.

    You should not let the legal process intimidate you. Instead, let our experienced team do everything within our power to make it easier for you and to seek the damages that you should have. Let us tackle the toughest parts of seeking an award.

    FAQs: Common Questions Clients Have for Our Lawrence Truck Injury Accident Attorneys

    Because many of our injured clients are having to hire Lawrence personal injury lawyers for the first time, we know that questions are going to come up. We promise to take the time to answer all of them for you, including some of the following questions:

    How do I know if I need to hire truck injury accident lawyers in Lawrence?

    Generally, people may need a personal injury lawyer when the case becomes complex, perhaps because you need multiple weeks of medical care while you also miss quite a bit of work. If you are struggling to convince the insurance company that you deserve an award to cover the significant financial losses you are having, Palmer Law Group likely can help.

    What do non-economic damages mean in a truck crash?

    Non-economic damages are those that don’t have an exact measurement of your financial loss attached to them. A medical bill is an economic loss. Things like a pain and suffering award or an award for mental anguish are non-economic damages, as Kansas statute 60-249a explains.

    Why is the insurance company telling me it’s too late to file a claim after my injuries in a truck accident?

    Kansas statute 60-513 gives victims up to two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit seeking damages for their injuries. Our Lawrence, KS, truck accident lawyers always recommend that victims should reach out to us as soon as possible after the accident to protect themselves from this statute of limitations deadline.

    Our job as Lawrence truck accident attorneys is to defend your right to seek compensation after someone else’s negligence led to your injuries. However, we also aim to ease the stress you are feeling because of the way your injuries are affecting your life. By allowing us to take over the day-to-day aspects of dealing with the insurance company for you, you can focus on spending time with your family and on working toward regaining your health.

    Count on the Lawrence Truck Accident Lawyers at Palmer Law Group to Battle for You

    At Palmer Law Group, we do not back down when facing a difficult case. We use the facts we gather to show why you deserve the settlement amount we are requesting. We do not tolerate the actions of an insurance company that is trying to treat you unfairly or that is trying to put red tape in the way just to drag out the case. Such tactics may work on some truck accident law firms in Lawrence, but they only make us redouble our efforts on your behalf.

    Let us show you how we can help. For a free consultation, call our Lawrence truck accident lawyers today at (785) 233-1836. You do not pay us any money unless we win your case.