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    Nursing home residents rely on the care and services that such a facility provides.  When a skilled nursing facility fails to deliver quality care, they may be liable for your loved one’s illness, injuries, or death.

    Entrusting your loved one to the care of others is a difficult but often necessary decision. Learning that your loved one suffered abuse or neglect causes heartbreak and anger. A Lawrence nursing home abuse lawyer offers a free consultation for those contemplating legal action.

    Signs of Possible Nursing Home Abuse

    Negligence is at the core of nursing home claims and lawsuits.

    The care and needs of our senior loved ones are often more than we can provide. Nursing homes offer costly care that, unfortunately, is often provided by overworked and understaffed employees. However, there is no excuse for nursing home negligence. Understanding the various types of abuse and neglect is crucial for protecting your loved one.

    The following list contains a few examples of common forms of nursing home negligence:

    • Physical abuse: Punching, hitting, slapping, kicking, or other forms of intentional physical force that harm residents.
    • Emotional or psychological abuse: Verbal or nonverbal harm that inflicts mental pain or anguish. Examples of such abuse include humiliation, threats, or harassment.
    • Sexual abuse: Unwanted, forced sexual interaction that is either physical or nonphysical, like sexual harassment.
    • Neglect: The failure to meet a resident’s most basic needs, such as bathing, meals, and medication.
    • Financial abuse: The unauthorized or illicit use of a resident’s credit card, cash, or checks is a serious matter. You may still pursue a civil claim or lawsuit against the responsible party or facility even if criminal charges are lodged.

    Diligence on the part of visiting family and friends is necessary when protecting elders in a nursing home setting. Many residents fear retaliation and, therefore, do not report the abuse.

    As soon as you notice something amiss with your loved one’s health, emotional or mental state, or finances, take action. Report the abuse or neglect, relocate your loved one, and contact a Lawrence nursing home abuse lawyer without delay.

    Nursing Home Residents Have Rights Protected by Law

    Violating any of these rights has severe consequences for the resident and the facility.

    Federal and state laws protect nursing home rights. These laws ensure residents receive the care and services they need.

    Under federal law, patients have a right to . . .

    • Be treated with respect
    • Receive proper medical care
    • Have an opportunity to participate in activities
    • Be free from discrimination
    • Be free from abuse and neglect
    • Be free from restraint
    • Have the ability to make complaints
    • Manage their money.

    This is just a partial list of the rights afforded to nursing home residents and governed by federal law. Having one’s protected rights violated can compound the daily difficulties your elder loved one endures.

    No elderly member of our nation should live in fear or neglect. You know your loved one best; be vigilant for changes in demeanor, appearance, or indicators that may signal abuse. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, contact a Lawrence nursing home abuse lawyer today. Your lawyer will get to work protecting your loved one’s best interests and fighting for the compensation they deserve.

    Why Reporting Suspected Nursing Home Abuse is Crucial

    Reporting abuse may just save someone’s life.

    The statistics are alarming: Only 1 in 24 cases of nursing home abuse is reported to authorities. Sadly, far too many facilities and staff get away with harming those entrusted to their care.

    Friends and family do not have to have proof of abuse — they may report suspicions. The appropriate authorities will investigate the allegations and determine the following action.

    Pursuing a civil claim or lawsuit does require proving nursing home negligence. Victims and their families can assist their attorneys by sharing documentation of the abuse or neglect. The process is a complex one and one that must follow Kansas civil laws. The Palmer Law Group brings this knowledge and much more to each nursing home abuse case they represent.

    Building a case that proves damages and quantifies them takes time. While your world and that of your loved one may seem upside down due to multiple changes, time is of the essence. Failure to file your civil lawsuit within the statute of limitations is costly. The strict deadline leaves no options for a new filing or extended time. Time passes very quickly even without drama and significant life changes. When you learn a loved one experiences harm in their nursing home setting, time passes in a blur. The need for swift action supersedes other daily tasks and routines.

    Do not miss your opportunity to hold those liable for your loved one’s harm accountable for their actions. A free consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer helps victims through a most challenging time.

    Why Choose the Palmer Law Group?

    The Palmer Law Group cares about elder abuse and fights for accountability.

    At the Palmer Law Group, we understand the emotional and financial stress of seeking quality, 24-hour care for a loved one. When the trust you place is broken, you deserve compensation for your unfair damages.

    Relocating a loved one to another facility is often challenging, expensive, and inconvenient. If you must relocate your loved one due to nursing home abuse or neglect, we want to help you fight for justice.

    We provide compassionate customer service while professionally managing the details of your case.  Our track record demonstrates our firm commitment to seeing victims and their cases through to the best possible outcome.

    With a combined experience spanning more than 60 years, the Palmer Group is:

    • Dedicated and driven: More than $100 million in successful civil cases to date
    • Highly accomplished: Proud members of various legal associations and recipients of numerous awards and recognition
    • Community invested: Supporters of local organizations and charities striving to help others within the community.

    These are just a few highlights of why many choose the Palmer Law Group for help with their nursing home abuse case. Discover how the Palmer Law Group assists families of nursing home abuse. Schedule a free case consultation today.

    Nursing home abuse and neglect can cause significant health and financial problems for victims. A Lawrence nursing home abuse lawyer fights for fair compensation for your loved one’s damages.

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    How We Help Nursing Home Abuse Victims

    We pursue accountability, justice, and compensation.

    Nursing home abuse cases are highly emotional for family members. A family must immediately seek medical care for their loved one and a new facility to call home. These tasks leave no time for managing the intricate details of a civil claim or lawsuit.

    A Lawrence nursing home abuse attorney from the Palmer Law Group manages all aspects of your case so that you can focus on your loved one’s urgent needs. Compassion, consistent communication, and aggressive representation are a small part of our skills.

    Your attorney helps you by:

    • Listening to your story
    • Reviewing your documentation
    • Interviewing witnesses
    • Investigating staffing issues
    • Researching facility history for patterns of behavior
    • Compiling a list of your loved one’s damages
    • Negotiating for a fair settlement
    • Presenting your case in court, if necessary.

    Negotiating for a settlement is something that requires skill and experience. An attorney from the Palmer Law Group can quickly identify attempts by an insurance company to pay less than a victim deserves. We counter unjust offers and fight for the best possible outcome of your case. Our commitment to our clients is our top priority as we hold nursing homes accountable for abuse and neglect.

    You have enough to manage as you care for your loved one, secure a new facility, and balance your immediate family needs. Leave your case in the hands of the Palmer Law Group and we will work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome.

    Nursing Home Abuse FAQs

    Nursing home abuse victims and their families generally have questions regarding their legal options. A Lawrence nursing home abuse attorney answers frequently asked questions:

    What is one possible sign of nursing home abuse or neglect?

    Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that changes in personality, behavior, and appearance are often clues that something is amiss. For example, if your loved one reacts with fear or anxiety to a particular employee, it is sometimes a signal of possible abuse.

    How do I gather evidence of possible abuse or neglect?

    Document, document, document. Detailed notes with time and date, photographs, and video can be vital in a civil case. Medical reports relating to abuse or neglect and bank records for financial abuse cases are also valuable forms of evidence.

    The insurance company representing the nursing home offered me a settlement. Should I accept it?

    No. The nursing home and its insurer will seek to close your case quickly — by offering the least amount possible. Your loved one deserves better. Protect your best interests and contact the Palmer Law Group.

    What is the Kansas statute of limitations for a nursing home abuse case?

    The Kansas statute of limitations for filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit is two years. To achieve the best results possible, it is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

    How long does a nursing home abuse case take? Will my case go to trial?

    Each nursing home case is different. The time to reach a conclusion is impossible to predict. However, your Lawrence nursing home lawyer will work tirelessly to reach a quick yet fair resolution. Most civil cases are settled out of court, and your case will go to trial only if necessary.

    If your close senior loved one suffered abuse or neglect — or died — from such conditions, contact an attorney now. Schedule a free case review to learn how to proceed with your possible civil case.

    Nursing Home Abuse: All Too Common and Sometimes Deadly

    What to do if your loved one dies due to nursing home abuse or neglect

    Research shows that one in ten older community residents experience some form of elder abuse or neglect. Sadly, some victims suffer multiple forms of abuse at the same time or over time. Multi-layered forms of elder abuse to one facility resident are known as poly-victimization.

    The elderly population faces various health complications due to the aging process. Abuse or neglect by negligent nursing home staff makes for additional — and avoidable — suffering. For some victims, the harm is fatal, resulting in an untimely death.

    If your loved one died from injuries or illness relating to their nursing home care, you may want to pursue a wrongful death case. While compensation can never replace your loss, it may ease the burden of financial stress created by the abuse or neglect.

    A wrongful death claim or lawsuit, if successful, typically results in compensation for such damages as:

    • Expenses associated with relocation to a new facility
    • Final medical costs relating to the injury, illness, or neglect
    • Funeral and burial costs
    • Mental anguish.

    A Lawrence wrongful death attorney can determine whether your relationship with the decedent qualifies you for civil action. Next, they will decide whether you have a case and inform you of your legal options.

    The loss of an elderly loved one is always sad. When caused by the negligence of others, it is upsetting and maddening. Get help with your possible wrongful death case by contacting the Palmer Law Group today.

    Protect Your Loved One from Nursing Home Abuse

    Remove, Report, and React by Hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Caring for a loved one, even when they are in a nursing home, is often tricky. Frequent visits are necessary to check on their welfare, to show them you care, and to assess their needs.

    If you are far from your loved one’s facility, ask friends to check on your loved one, ask about technology-driven visits, or consider a facility closer to your home.

    Families cannot report what they do not know. Be proactive when it comes to your loved one’s care. When you see something, say something immediately. Then, contact the Palmer Group without delay.

    Your Lawrence Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    The Palmer Group is ready to get to work for you.

    Nursing homes should never place profits over people. If your loved one suffered abuse or neglect, report it immediately and seek medical help. Your next step is to contact a Lawrence nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

    Nursing home care is not cheap, with average Kansas nursing home costs as much as $6,000-$7,000 monthly. Inadequate care that leaves residents hungry, hurt, without medications, or otherwise neglected can result in significant damages.

    Older adults cannot always speak up for themselves. Families and other loved ones must advocate for their care. Abuse and neglect in any form are unacceptable and worthy of a fight for fair compensation. The Palmer Law Group helps Lawrence nursing home abuse victims by fighting for accountability of the very facilities meant to care for victims. By taking legal action against such facilities, you may prevent the same harm from happening to another resident.

    If your elderly loved one suffered abuse or neglect due to a negligent nursing home, contact the Palmer Law Group today. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at (785) 233-1836.

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