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    We Stand Up to Insurers That Unfairly Deny Claims

    It can come as a shock to have an insurance claim denied. You paid your premiums expecting to be covered in the event of illness or injury, an accident, or a property disaster. If your legitimate claim was unfairly denied or underpaid, you may not know what to do next. The good news is that you do have rights. Insurers are bound by law to act in good faith. Those who do not have a good reason for denying a claim may be acting in bad faith to save themselves money. The more they do not have to pay out, the better for their bottom line.

    At Palmer Law Group, we recognize the tactics insurance companies sometimes use to avoid or delay paying claims. If you believe there was no justifiable reason for your claim to be denied, a Manhattan, KS, insurance bad-faith lawyer from our firm can investigate to determine if you are being treated unfairly by your insurer. If so, you could be entitled to compensation.

    Get help today when your insurance claim has been denied. Call (785) 233-1836 to speak with a Manhattan, Kansas, insurance bad-faith attorney.

    Why Choose Our Law Firm for Help?

    Our Manhattan, KS, Bad-Faith Insurance Lawyers Have Decades of Experience

    When choosing a law firm, you want to look for one with winning experience in insurance-related cases. Our firm, which has been a respected member of the Kansas legal community since its founding in 1980, has represented clients against insurance companies for decades.

    • We have earned more than $100 million in compensation for valued clients.
    • Our attorney team has a combined 60 years of experience.
    • Palmer Law Group is nationally recognized and has received numerous honors for legal accomplishments.
    • Clients are very happy with the quality of services we provided as shown by these testimonials.

    We provide free, no-obligation consultations so you can learn whether you may be a victim of insurance bad faith. If bad faith is a real possibility, and you choose us to handle your case, you can count on strong, knowledgeable, and reliable legal guidance from start to finish.

    What Our Insurance Bad-Faith Attorney Will Do

    Learning that your valid insurance claim has been denied is frustrating. You probably are confused about your next steps and worried that it will never be paid, leaving you in a dire financial situation. We have successfully resolved insurance claim problems for many clients who have found themselves in similar circumstances. We know how stressful it is for policyholders to fight big insurers on their own, and we can help you by taking on the battle for you.

    When you trust us with your case we will:

    • Thoroughly investigate the evidence as to why your claim was denied or underpaid. Sometimes insurance adjusters make unintentional errors. Honest mistakes are not indicative of bad faith.
    • We will try to negotiate full payment of your claim. You could also potentially be entitled to additional compensation, depending on the circumstances.
    • If your insurer treated you unreasonably and negotiations are unsuccessful, we will counsel you about taking your case to trial. An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer, and if the insurer does not pay your legitimate claim, it can be held legally accountable.

    Insurance claim problems can be very complex, especially if there is a large amount of money at stake. If an insurer is trying to save money by not paying on a claim, they will have their own legal team representing their interests. You will greatly benefit by having an effective insurance bad-faith attorney on your side.

    What Unfair Tactics Do Insurers Use?

    Not every claim denial is due to bad faith. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for denials. The policyholder may have missed paying premiums or thought something was covered by their policy that is not. If an insurer suspects insurance fraud they will deny payment. But if the evidence shows signs of dishonest tactics used by the insurance company, you could receive damages.

    Here are types of intentional bad-faith tactics an agent or adjuster may use:

    • Does not properly investigate your claim
    • Delays processing the claim or claim appeal
    • Slow-walks paying the claim
    • Misrepresents your coverage
    • Ignores your communications and attempts to get the claim paid
    • Denies the claim for no valid reason
    • Cancels your coverage for no reason after you file a claim.

    We will get to the bottom of your unfair denial or underpayment.

    Manhattan, KS, Insurance Bad-Faith Attorney Answers FAQs

    Here, our attorneys answer questions we frequently receive about unreasonable insurance claim denials.

    What damages could I get if I sue? 

    In a successful lawsuit for non-payment you could get compensation for the original claim that you filed as well as other costs you incurred because of the denial. You could also potentially get payment for your attorney fees and court costs, as well as the emotional distress you experienced because of the insurer’s actions.

    How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

    Your insurance policy probably states a deadline for filing a claim-related lawsuit. However, the Kansas statute of limitations for filing a civil lawsuit may extend that deadline. We will advise you about filing deadlines once we review your policy and understand the facts of your case.

    What proof will you need for my case?  

    We will examine your policy coverage, the details of your claim, and your communications with the insurer, including letters denying coverage, low-ball offers, emails, and other written correspondence. If you had telephone conversations with an agent, adjuster or other insurance representative, it will be helpful if you can make notes about those that include the date/time, who you spoke with, and what was said.

    How much does it cost to hire one of your Manhattan, KS, insurance bad-faith attorneys?

    We work on a contingency basis so we get paid a percentage of the compensation we win for you. You do not pay us anything up front. We know that legal counsel can be expensive, so we provide free, no-obligation consultations so you can learn if you may have a case without a financial commitment.

    The answers provided here are very general. We can give you answers specific to your claim when we meet with you.

    Turn to Skilled Insurance Bad-Faith Attorneys in Manhattan, KS

    Has Your Insurer Denied or Grossly Underpaid a Legitimate Claim? Call Us Today for Help.

    An insurance policy—whether for homeowners insurance, car insurance, health insurance, small business insurance, or other insurance–is a legal contract between you and your insurance company. You both have rights and responsibilities under the contract. If you have consistently paid your premiums on time and your policy shows that you have coverage for the incident that is driving your claim, the insurer must treat your reasonably. If they do not promptly respond to your claim filing, make you an unfairly low offer, deny paying your claim for no good reason, or take other actions to avoid paying, they may be guilty of committing unfair claim practices.

    An experienced Manhattan, KS, insurance bad-faith attorney from Palmer Law Group may be able to help you get payment for your initial claim and possibly addition damages. Call us at (785) 233-1836 to schedule a free consultation.

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