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    Manhattan, KS, burn injury victims face a future of medical treatments and therapy coupled with financial uncertainty. Fortunately, substantial compensation is often available for their losses. Manhattan, KS, burn injury lawyers help ensure they receive the payments they require while they rest and recover.


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    Why Choose Us?

    Relentless Advocates

    At Palmer Law Group, we have an extensive track record of successfully recovering the compensation our burn injury clients have needed. We understand how desperately burn injury victims need funds to cover their losses, and we know how to fight to get them paid. If you have suffered a burn injury at the hands of someone else, our burn injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS, will do everything in their power to get you the funds you deserve.

    Palmer Law Group offers every client:

    • Free consultations
    • ‘Round-the-clock accessibility
    • Tailored legal services
    • Representation by respected burn injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS.

    You do not have to accept anything less than a payout that truly reflects the losses you have suffered. Palmer Law Group will fight for every penny you should get.

    If you or someone you love has experienced a serious burn injury, get help recovering the funds you need. Call Palmer Law Group for a free consultation at (785) 233-1836 today.

    Accountability for Your Losses

    You may be entitled to compensation for numerous monetary and non-monetary losses, including:

    • Medical and hospital bills
    • Missed employment
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental and emotional anguish
    • Loss of the ability to enjoy life.

    However, you must prove with strong evidence that someone else is responsible for your burn injuries in order to collect compensation. The Manhattan, KS, burn injury lawyers at Palmer Law Group will carefully review the details of your burn injury to determine who should pay. In most cases, we will be looking for acts of negligence.

    Traffic Accident Negligence

    Traffic accident negligence, such as speeding and failure to stop at a red light, leads to accidents and often horrific burn injuries. Fire, explosions, and extremely heated auto parts are responsible for many of the burns victims suffer.

    Commercial Negligence

    We hold commercial establishments liable for instances of negligence leading to burn injuries, such as serving unreasonably hot food or beverages and failure to address electrical or fire hazards.

    Residential Negligence

    Residential negligence in the home can lead to kitchen fires, electrical fires, and out-of-control blazes from heating devices or fireplaces. Landlords may be responsible for failing to provide security measures such as working fire detectors and fire sprinklers.

    If you have been burned in a residential blaze, our burn injury lawyers in Manhattan, KS, will find the source and the part behind the source to get you compensated for your pain.

    Negligence at Work

    Work negligence is, unfortunately, a common occurrence throughout Kansas. Supervisors and workers who fail to maintain safety standards put other workers and the public at risk of being burned. Workers’ comp benefits and third-party damages may be available if you have experienced a burn injury at work.

    Other types of negligence or unlawful acts that lead to serious burn injuries include:

    • Medical negligence (medical malpractice)
    • Production and sale of dangerously defective products
    • Intentional acts, such as arson.

    When caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts, your burn injury may qualify for punitive damages.

    Palmer Law Group lawyers are always laser-focused on their main objective: maximum compensation for clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Got questions? We have the answers and information you need. Please review the following Q&A and call us anytime to discuss burn injuries and compensation.

    What is the statute of limitations for burn injury claims in Kansas?

    Kansas has a two-year statute of limitations for burn injuries. You must file and settle your burn injury insurance claim or file a lawsuit for damages within two years of the date of your burn injury or lose your right to compensation.

    What are some common causes of burn injuries?

    Burn injuries have many causes, all of which are capable of producing the most extensive level of burn injury. They include:

    • Contact with hot objects or surfaces
    • Contact with open flames
    • Contact with scalding liquids
    • Contact with chemicals (these burns are also known as caustic burns).

    Burns are also caused by extremely cold objects, liquids, or surfaces.

    How are serious burn injuries treated?

    Serious burn injuries require meticulous and extensive treatment and constant attention to dressings to avoid infections. Surgery is often necessary to complete skin grafts and other treatments.

    What are the classifications of burn injuries?

    Burns are typically classified into degrees, from first up to third, with third-degree burns being the most destructive. Some classifications include up to six degrees of burns, with sixth-degree burns usually resulting in the death of the victim.

    Call today if you have any more questions. An experienced Manhattan, KS, burn injury lawyer is ready to help.

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    You may be entitled to significant compensation to help you address your burn injuries. A Manhattan, KS, burn injury lawyer will protect your right to compensation and fight for what you are owed.

    Palmer Law Group understands your pain and need for funds. Give us a call to discuss your case and how we can potentially help you get justice. Call (785) 233-1836 today!

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