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    Patients have no choice but to trust hospitals when they need medical care. However, illness or injury requires proper diagnosis and treatment. When hospital negligence occurs, it can leave you feeling worse physically, emotionally, and financially.

    You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one experienced damages due to hospital negligence. A Manhattan hospital negligence lawyer by your side can ease your mind as you fight for justice.

    A firm understanding of Kansas civil law and experience with hospital negligence cases is crucial for your case. What you or your loved one experienced was unfair, inexcusable, and demands justice.

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    Manhattan, Kansas, Hospital Negligence

    Hospital negligence can profoundly change your life. No matter what prompted your hospital visit, negligence can compound your initial health issue.

    A hospital negligence lawyer must prove the following when it comes to your civil claim or lawsuit:

    • The hospital owed you a duty of care.
    • The hospital breached the duty of care.
    • The breach caused you harm.
    • You suffered damages because of the harm.

    Most hospitals deal with staffing issues. However, overworked employees, unfilled positions, and a lack of proper training for new hires can result in negligence. The problem is so serious that researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine deem medical errors the third leading cause of death in the United States.

    Examples of medical mistakes include:

    • Misdiagnosis
    • Unnecessary treatment
    • Prescription errors
    • Wrong-site surgery
    • Leaving surgical items in a patient
    • Poor communication between providers and staff.

    This is a partial list but a few examples of what can go tragically wrong during a hospital stay. Tired or untrained staff can make a simple mistake that can cause long-term or permanent damage.

    In addition to your new and preventable health issues, you must continue to seek help with your original problem. Again, the overwhelming process and emotional stress are something you do not deserve.

    Hiring a hospital negligence attorney helps protect your best interests. Your attorney can manage the details of your case, allowing you more time to rest and heal.

    A free case consultation is an essential first step in your journey to justice. If you believe you suffered damages due to hospital negligence, take action. Contact a Manhattan, Kansas, attorney as quickly as possible.

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    Why Choose Us for Your Hospital Negligence Case?

    At the Palmer Law Group, we fight for victims of hospital negligence. We are unafraid of hospitals, their lawyers, and their insurers.

    While most hospital negligence cases settle out of court, there is a chance your case may go to trial. If your case proceeds to a courtroom, your lawyer has the experience necessary to present your case before a judge and jury.

    With more than 60 years of collective experience on our side, we are ready to get to work for you. Our commitment to helping Manhattan, Kansas, clients is reflected in our client testimonials.

    In addition to our past success, we have also achieved the following accomplishments:

    • Best Lawyers® in America for the past decade
    • KC Magazine’s Top Lawyers in Kansas
    • Lawyer of the Year
    • Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠
    • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers
    • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40.

    Peer, industry, and client approval and recognition are something we value. We dedicate our services to assisting victims of negligence in their pursuit of justice and fair compensation. Let us put our skills to work for you.

    How We Can Help

    Your attorney is on your side from the start of your claim or lawsuit until the outcome. From investigating the negligence to identifying all liable parties, your attorney will work hard on your behalf.

    Negotiating for a fair settlement requires skill and experience. Unfortunately, insurance companies try to confuse victims by offering a settlement early in the process. This offer is typically far less than victims deserve.

    An insurance company representative may appear eager to help you. In reality, they want to protect their company’s best interests. If you accept their offer without help from an attorney, you may not seek additional compensation later.

    An attorney from the Palmer Law Group can handle the legwork, paperwork, witness interviews, and evidence gathering on your behalf. In addition, they can keep you informed with updates and answer any questions you want to ask.

    You do not have to face your hospital negligence case alone. Hiring an attorney from the Palmer Law Group places your case in the hands of a lawyer well-versed in Kansas civil law.

    Accepting a settlement offer without an attorney makes insurance companies happy. Disappoint them and protect your best interests by contacting the Palmer Law Group today.

    Manhattan, Kansas, Lawyers Answer Hospital Negligence FAQs

    If you have questions regarding hospital negligence cases, you are not alone. The following frequently asked questions may help you decide your next move:

    What is the difference between a claim and a lawsuit?

    A personal injury claim is generally the first step in the civil process. A lawsuit involves taking your case to court.

    How long do I have to pursue a hospital negligence case?

    The Kansas statute of limitations allows two years for civil cases. The two-year period begins at the moment of injury or illness.

    What types of evidence may help my hospital negligence attorney?

    Documentation of your injuries or illness, pictures, witness contact information, and medical reports are a few examples of valuable evidence.

    Can I sue if hospital negligence resulted in the death of my loved one?

    A Manhattan, Kansas, wrongful death attorney can determine if your relationship to the decedent qualifies you for civil action.

    I’m unsure if I want to sue. Can I take two years to decide?

    No. If the statute of limitations expires before you file your civil hospital negligence lawsuit, you generally have no further legal options. You must act quickly when holding a hospital accountable for its negligence.

    Hospital negligence is the last thing you expect to encounter as a patient. Yet, the experience can leave you with these and other questions. Get the answers you seek by contacting the Palmer Law Group today.

    Contact a Manhattan, Kansas, Hospital Negligence Lawyer Today

    Hospital negligence is alarming, and nobody anticipates leaving the hospital in a worse condition than when they were admitted. To protect patients, facilities and staff must take the necessary precautions.

    If you or a loved one suffered due to hospital negligence, the Palmer Law Group can help. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no legal fees unless we win your case. You won’t pay anything if we don’t secure compensation for you. No retainer or deposit is required to seek our assistance.

    You deserve justice for your hospital negligence damages. Contact the Palmer Law Group today to start on the path toward accountability. If you’ve experienced hospital negligence or a related loss, don’t hesitate to call us for a free case consultation at (785) 233-1836.

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