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    How a Lawyer Can Help You Fight for Justice

    Nursing home abuse and neglect can cause your loved one physical, emotional, psychological, and financial harm. In some cases, the abuse results in an untimely death.

    Loved ones sometimes need around-the-clock care, making a nursing home essential for their needs. Caring for the older population requires training, empathy, patience, and more. Sadly, far too many nursing home staff bully, abuse, and neglect residents.

    If your loved one suffered severe harm from those entrusted with their care, a Manhattan, KS, nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you. A civil claim and lawsuit protect your loved one’s best interests as you pursue justice and compensation for their damages.

    Why Choose Us

    A nursing home abuse case typically involves for-profit facilities, their insurance companies, and sometimes the insurance company lawyers. The Palmer Group, much like a skilled Topeka burn injury lawyer, is familiar with all entities that we may face in a personal injury or wrongful death case.

    In addition to our skills and experience, we are proud of such accolades as being a trusted Manhattan, KS personal injury attorney with a proven track record.

    • Kansas and national ratings as top lawyers
    • High-profile awards
    • Peer recognition
    • Client testimonials.

    Our nursing home abuse lawyers have your back as you pursue justice for your loved one. The highly emotional time following the discovery of abuse is no time to manage your case alone.

    Leave the details of your case, along with the paperwork, phone calls, and investigation, to us. We have tough negotiation skills and trial experience should your case proceed to court.

    How We Can Help

    As nursing home abuse attorneys, we manage the details of client cases so that they can focus on helping their loved one. From providing comfort to relocating them to a new facility, you can quickly feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious.

    The Palmer Group can ease this by providing solid legal representation. We are familiar with facilities and insurance companies’ tactics in nursing home abuse cases. Our experience gives us the skills to stand firm and fight for fair compensation.

    If your loved one died immediately or sometime following their abuse, you may qualify for a wrongful death claim and lawsuit. The following types of heirs commonly pursue wrongful death actions in nursing home abuse cases:

    • Surviving spouses
    • Surviving children
    • Children of the decedent
    • Parents of the decedent.

    Kansas civil law is complex and best left to licensed professional attorneys like The Palmer Law Group team. A Manhattan, KS wrongful death attorney from our team can protect your best interests as you fight for justice for your tragic loss.

    Justice is possible when nursing home abuse and neglect result in untimely death. Contact The Palmer Law Group to learn more about wrongful death claims and lawsuits at (785) 233-1836.

    Examples of Manhattan, KS, Nursing Home Abuse

    Placing your loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision. No matter how highly rated, even the most popular facility can harbor abusive and neglectful staff.

    Therefore, families must know what signs of abuse and neglect to watch for when visiting their loved ones. The National Center on Elder Abuse lists five common types of nursing home abuse:

    • Physical abuse: Intentional and forceful actions such as pushing, kicking, pinching, or other acts that result in broken bones, unexplained bruises, and different types of harm
    • Emotional abuse: Verbal or nonverbal use of threats, intimidation, or harassment that causes a resident to withdraw or act fearful of staff
    • Sexual abuse: Non-consensual touching, sexual assault, or battery of elderly residents
    • Financial abuse: Improper or illegal use of a resident’s finances, such as check or credit card fraud
    • Neglect: Failure to provide a standard of care to residents, such as bathing, meals, medications, and personal safety.

    The senior population deserves the utmost care and respect during their golden years. Their intentional and reckless mistreatment is unfair, unjust, and illegal.

    The caregiver responsible for your loved one’s damages may face criminal charges. A civil claim and lawsuit remain possible, regardless of any criminal case.

    Nursing home abuse compounds many seniors’ health, emotional, and financial issues. Your loved one deserves a safe place to call home. Seek help from an experienced nursing home abuse attorney today.

    Common Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

    Staffing issues plague nursing homes and assisted living facilities. A recent study found that 87 percent of facilities face moderate to high staffing shortages, with 99 percent of those surveyed asking staff to work overtime or extra shifts.

    Overworked and underpaid staff can make poor decisions when it comes to resident care. Feelings of exhaustion, a lack of proper training, and too many hours are a recipe for disaster for your loved one.

    Job stress is a reality in most professions. However, when it occurs within a caregiving facility, the results are generally life-changing.

    Nursing homes are not inexpensive, and each resident has a right to quality care. Unfortunately, the senior population is vulnerable and at risk for abuse and neglect. If your loved one suffered unnecessary and preventable harm, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

    Nursing home abuse and neglect are unacceptable. Fight for accountability with help from a Manhattan, KS, nursing home abuse lawyer. Call Palmer Law Group today at (785) 233-1836.

    Nursing Home Abuse: Frequently Asked Questions

    Discovering that your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect is upsetting. You may know you need to take action but do not know where to start.

    The following frequently asked questions regarding nursing home abuse can help you learn more about the civil process. A free case consultation is the next step for seeking additional answers to questions specific to your loved one’s case.

    Important evidence includes documentation of injuries, such as medical reports and photographs. Names and contact information for witnesses can also help your lawyer as they build your case.

    To protect your loved one’s best interests, do not accept any offers without a nursing home abuse lawyer. A settlement offer typically reflects a low sum and a desire to make your case disappear.

    Kansas state law allows two years for filing a nursing home abuse case. Time can pass quickly, making it imperative that you contact a lawyer without delay.

    Kansas law allows those with a specific relationship with the decedent to pursue compensation and justice for their unexpected death.

    At The Palmer Group, LLC, we listen to and answer your questions throughout the legal process. We acknowledge that new questions and concerns may arise and that you need help understanding the legal system.

    No question is too silly, and clients should quickly reach out to our team at any time. From start to finish, the Palmer Group is on your side of your nursing home abuse case.

    Your Nursing Home Abuse Damages

    Nursing home abuse can result in various damages. Perhaps one of the most damaging outcomes is that of financial stress.

    Paying for a nursing home facility is challenging, with most costing thousands each month. Relocating your loved one to a new or different facility can result in waiting lists, additional fees, moving costs, and more.

    Your loved one’s life savings may quickly diminish, all due to an unexpected move and recovery. Get help pursuing compensation for your loved one’s injustice by contacting The Palmer Law Group for a free case consultation. Call us today at (785) 233-1836.

    Protect Your Loved One’s Best Interests with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Pursuing a civil claim and lawsuit requires a dedicated focus on your case. There are several ways you may harm your chance for compensation if you do not hire an attorney, especially a Manhattan, KS brain injury attorney.

    For example, accepting a settlement closes your claim. You may not pursue additional compensation if your loved one develops complications from their injuries. What you get is all that you will receive.

    Another area of caution is that of the statute of limitations. Two years can pass quickly, and if you file within the deadline, you generally retain your chance to pursue justice.

    Hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer protects your best interests in both situations. Time is not on your side, nor is the nursing home’s insurance company.

    The Palmer Group is here for you during this difficult time. You are not alone as you pursue accountability, compensation, and justice for your loved one.

    Get Help from The Palmer Law Group, LLP Today

    Seniors should live their golden years in a place of safety and comfort. Staffing shortages and poor training are no excuses for nursing home abuse.

    Those who abuse or neglect nursing home residents must face accountability for their actions. Our nursing home abuse attorneys from The Palmer Group will work hard to build the best case possible.

    Compensation can do little to erase the memory of what occurred. It can, however, serve as a form of justice if successful. Monetary compensation can also alleviate the financial stress of relocating your loved one or, in the event of death, help offset funeral costs.

    Protect your loved one’s best interests and fight for the justice they deserve. Contact The Palmer Law Group, LLP as soon as possible Call us today at (785) 233-1836.

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