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    The news that your child has suffered a birth injury can leave parents in shock, facing massive medical costs, and devastated. If your child suffered a preventable birth injury, a Lawrence birth injury lawyer may be able to help you.

    A joyous occasion should not result in tears and heartbreak due to a medical mistake. Children who experience an unfair entry into the world deserve justice and compensation that covers their immediate and life-long care.

    Lawrence Birth Injury Types and Damages

    The correlation between negligence and damages is at the core of each case.

    Expectant mothers trust their physicians and medical team during the delivery of their child. One misstep can forever impact a baby’s quality of life.

    Among the more common types of birth injuries are:

    • Brachial palsy: A condition affecting the nerves in the arms and hands. It is most common when there is trouble delivering a baby’s shoulder.
    • Forceps trauma: The use of forceps can result in bruising to an infant’s face and head.
    • Facial paralysis: Pressure on a baby’s face during delivery can damage the facial nerve. Facial paralysis can also result from the use of forceps.
    • Fractures: A collarbone fracture is the most common type of fracture during labor and delivery.
    • Oxygen deprivation: Birth asphyxia deprives a baby’s brain and other organs of oxygen before, during, or immediately following birth.

    The birth of a baby involves several medical professionals and medical equipment. It is an event that requires safety, focus, and skill. One misstep or failure during the delivery can cause significant damage to the baby and the parents.

    A Lawrence birth injury lawyer can review your case to determine if the injury resulted from:

    • A delay or determination not to proceed with a cesarian section
    • The use of unsafe delivery techniques, such as using forceps
    • Insufficient monitoring of the mother during labor
    • Failure to recognize potential birthing complications during pregnancy.

    Complications from a birth injury can result in an extended hospital stay or transfer to a neonatal trauma center, causing instant and massive medical bills. Parents must miss work to remain by their baby’s side.

    The emotional and financial stress of a birth injury is something no parent should endure. Depending upon the severity of your baby’s injuries, their need for life-long care may reach millions of dollars.

    Fighting for what your child deserves now is vital for protecting their future medical care needs. A Lawrence birth injury attorney can help you by reviewing your case for free.

    Why Choose Us

    We believe all children deserve a fair fight for the best future possible.

    A preventable birth injury is heartbreaking for families. A potentially healthy infant faces an uphill battle and a future filled with medical appointments and procedures.

    At The Palmer Law Group, we believe those responsible for your child’s injury must face accountability for their negligence. Pursuing a civil case for damages in a birth injury case generally involves taking on large medical providers and their insurers.

    Our reputation throughout Kansas is as compassionate attorneys and fierce negotiators. It is our honor to fight for the compensation your child deserves.

    More than $100 million has been secured throughout the years for victims of negligence. While the details of your case may differ from a similar one, rest assured we will fight equally hard for you.

    Parents of birth injury victims deal with various emotions. If your baby suffered a birth injury, do not pursue damages alone. Let us help you. Contact The Palmer Law Group for a free case review today.

    Courtroom Experience Matters

    A complex birth injury case may go to trial. Hiring a Lawrence birth injury lawyer with courtroom experience is crucial for your case.

    Presenting a case before a judge and jury is different from negotiating a settlement outside court. Strong presentation skills and conveying the impact of the damages on your life are critical to a successful outcome.

    If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will update you on the schedule and what to expect. While a trial may delay a resolution to your case, it is a necessary process for pursuing a fair award.

    Insurance companies and medical professionals want to protect their best interests at all costs. An intense fight about a negligent birth injury is almost always expected in complex cases. At The Palmer Law Group, we stand ready to fight for you against those responsible for your baby’s harm.

    How We Help Parents with a Birth Injury Case

    The Palmer Group manages the legal process.

    A Lawrence birth injury lawyer helps parents by reviewing evidence and determining the best approach to their case. We review what happened and why and identify who is responsible. We then relate your damages to the harm that occurred.  If your case proceeds to trial, your attorney has access to expert witnesses that may help your case.

    Insurance companies and medical professionals typically fight birth injury claims and lawsuits. They protect their interests with lawyers by their side. Having a lawyer by your side protects your best interests against those familiar with the civil process. Medical insurers are far too comfortable with claims and lawsuits, making them no match for heartbroken parents.

    Contact us if your doctor and medical team breached the duty of care owed to your infant and your infant suffered damages. Get help from The Palmer Law Group without delay.

    Settlement Dangers

    Parents may receive a settlement offer from the responsible party’s insurer. The amount may seem generous. No matter how attractive the offer appears, however, you should never accept a settlement without an attorney.

    Many negligence victims do not realize that accepting a settlement closes the claim. This means the amount you accept must cover enough of your baby’s expenses now and forever. There is no chance to return for another claim or lawsuit.

    A Lawrence birth injury lawyer understands Kansas civil law and the statute of limitations. Your lawyer can protect you from accepting less than you deserve and file your lawsuit promptly. Do not get caught in a web of confusion brought about by an aggressive insurance adjuster. Remain clear-headed and make the smart move of contacting The Palmer Law Group today.

    How You Can Help Your Birth Injury Case

    Several small steps can have a significant impact.

    Parents whose baby suffered a birth injury or whose baby died due to negligence can help their lawyer pursue justice. Even the smallest amount of information may impact your claim or lawsuit.

    Important information to share with your lawyer includes:

    • Dates, times, and places
    • People, names, and titles
    • Documentation of conversations
    • Medical reports and records
    • Photographs or video of the delivery.

    Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is crucial for several reasons. Not only does it protect you from missing the statute of limitations deadline, but it also helps you deliver fresh information. The longer you wait, the harder it is to remember critical moments of the birth.

    The Palmer Law Group consists of friendly and caring staff who place parents at ease. We know that many negligence victims are unfamiliar with the Kansas civil court system. While we do not expect clients to learn the law, we are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. However, do not let our calm demeanor fool you. We are firm and aggressive when fighting for what you deserve.

    If your baby suffered life-altering harm during delivery, seek justice with our help. A free consultation with a member of our team can ease your mind and inform you of what you need for a civil case.

    A preventable birth injury caused by negligence demands justice. If your day of joy turned into one of trauma and tragedy, call The Palmer Group today for help with your Lawrence birth injury case.


    Birth Injury FAQs

    A Lawrence birth injury lawyer answers frequently asked questions about the civil process:

    How much does a Lawrence birth injury lawyer cost?

    The Palmer Group works on a contingency fee basis. Our fee is contingent on your lawyer’s winning your case. We collect our fee if and when we secure compensation for you.

    What if blame is somehow directed at me?

    A hospital, physician, or other may attempt to blame the mother for the birth injury. Victims should not speak with anyone and should immediately contact The Palmer Group for representation.

    Can I include my lost wages in a birth injury claim or lawsuit?

    It is quite common for cases to include lost wages as part of a victim’s damages. A birth injury may also affect a mother’s health, making a long recovery necessary and the ability to work difficult.

    Are birth injuries sometimes fatal?

    Sadly, some infants do not survive their birth injury. The devastating loss of a child to a birth injury typically results in a wrongful death case.

    Learning more about your legal options as soon as possible is crucial for your case. Each case is unique due to the circumstances and type of injury. Get the help you need by scheduling a free case consultation with The Palmer Group today.

    Fatal Birth Injury

    Your permanent loss is devastating.

    Some birth injuries are too traumatic for a baby to survive. Losing your new arrival in such a devastating way demands justice.

    It does not matter if your doctor or another medical professional was overworked or understaffed. Negligence in any form has no place in the delivery room.

    Life-saving attempts for your baby can result in enormous medical costs. Funeral expenses, missed time from work, and your mental anguish are unfair burdens. A Lawrence wrongful death attorney has the compassion you need and the skills necessary to handle your case. It is a highly emotional time for parents and one they should not go through alone.

    Spend more time with friends, family, and each other rather than on phone calls and court filings. Allow The Palmer Law Group to manage the details of your wrongful death case.

    Lawrence Birth Injury Lawyer

    The Palmer Group proudly represents parents in Kansas birth injury cases.

    The discovery of a birth injury can turn your anticipated day of joy into a nightmare. The joyous time of introducing your loved one to the family is now replaced with hospital stays and expensive medications.

    A severe birth injury can impact your baby’s overall development. The true impact of the injury may not reveal itself until months after the birth.

    An experienced Lawrence birth injury lawyer puts their skills to work for parents whose baby suffers a birth injury. If your medical professional failed to take the necessary steps for a safe delivery, get help for your civil case. Contact The Palmer Law Group today at (785) 233-1836.

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