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    Using a product as intended should not result in a catastrophic or fatal outcome. Consumers rely on manufacturers to produce safe products. Victims suffer unfair and overwhelming damages when a faulty product causes a user severe harm.

    If you or a close loved one has life-altering injuries and massive medical costs due to a defective product, you may have legal options. A Lawrence product liability lawyer will review your case for free and fight for the compensation you deserve.

    Product Liability Defined

    Understanding negligence and liability

    A civil case involves negligence and liability. Victims must prove negligence is at the core of their case for compensation.

    Product liability cases can include a wide range of complex objects and materials. From everyday appliances to medical devices or vehicles, three key elements may define product liability:

    • Defective design: A safe design is vital to product safety. A defect in design that causes a user harm is generally a critical component of a civil claim.
    • Manufacturing defects:  Product flaws that occur during construction or production may be grounds for a claim.
    • Omission of warning: Incorrect instructions or a failure to warn users of possible dangers are a few examples of negligence.

    A dangerous and potentially deadly defective product has no place in the lives of everyday consumers. When a tragedy occurs, manufacturers and others hide behind aggressive insurance companies and lawyers. A product liability lawyer helps victims by investigating the cause of their injuries and identifying all liable parties. The lawyer then builds a case based on the evidence for fair compensation.

    Hiring a Lawrence product liability lawyer for your claim or lawsuit protects your best interests. An experienced lawyer has the skills and legal knowledge to take on manufacturers, their insurers, and other lawyers on your behalf.

    Product Liability Damages

    The harm you suffered matters.

    A defective product can cause various physical injuries and psychological harm. Each case involves specific details about the victim’s experience. While victims may experience differing injuries from the same type of defective product, their damages are generally similar. However, the significance of their damages is unique and dependent upon the impact on their life.

    A product liability case typically involves the following types of damages:

    • Medical costs: A defective product may cause injuries that require burn treatments or multiple surgeries. Defective products can also cause the development of dangerous illnesses such as cancer, requiring extensive treatments.
    • Continuous medical costs: One defective product may result in such severe injuries that the victim requires ongoing medical care. From prescription medications to varying types of therapies, the costs never stop.
    • Lost income due to recovery: Severe injuries prevent most victims from returning to work for an extended time. Lost wages are a common component of a victim’s list of damages.
    • Pain and suffering: A defective product causes a victim incredible stress and mental anguish.

    There is no way to predict the breakdown or failure of a product until it is too late. Holding manufacturers accountable is vital for your justice and for protecting others.

    The complex manufacturing world makes the case for obtaining an attorney all the more compelling. Protect your peace of mind by placing your case in the hands of a Lawrence product liability lawyer today.

    Why Choose Us

    The Palmer Law Group knows Kansas product liability laws.

    A defective product injury is a time-consuming event filled with medical appointments and procedures. At The Palmer Law Group, we take on the responsibility of managing your civil case for you. As seasoned negotiators and firm litigators, we know what tactics to expect from insurance companies. We also know how to present your case at trial, if necessary.

    We fight for our clients and have a strong track record of success. Our results and client satisfaction testify to our commitment to securing the best outcome possible.

    While no two cases are alike, we will fight equally hard for you. Get help from The Palmer Law Group for your Lawrence product liability case by scheduling a free consultation today.

    How We Help

    The Palmer Law Group manages your civil case.

    We understand the significant and devastating impact a defective product has on a victim’s life. Our compassionate team treats you respectfully, whether through email, over the phone, or in person.

    Learning more about your injuries or illness and relating them to your damages is part of what we do. We also manage routine yet essential tasks such as court filings, phone calls, and paperwork.

    Civil cases are too complicated to manage alone. Avoid settling for less than you deserve by contacting The Palmer Law Group today.

    Defective products have no place in consumer lives. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to a malfunctioning part, defective design, or omission of warning, a Lawrence product liability lawyer may be able to help you.


    Product Liability FAQs

    A Lawrence product liability lawyer answers frequently asked questions:

    When must I decide to hire a product liability lawyer?

    Victims must file their Kansas civil lawsuit within two years from the date of injury. It takes time to investigate the injury situation and craft a compelling claim, so you should not wait too long before contacting an attorney to handle your product liability case.

    Why is accepting a manufacturer’s settlement offer a bad idea?

    An initial settlement offer is typically less than a victim deserves and the least amount an insurance company seeks to pay. A seasoned product liability lawyer will know the value of your case and advise you about what a reasonable offer looks like.

    Can I sue if my loved one dies due to a defective product?

    You may be able to pursue a Kansas wrongful death case depending upon your relationship with the decedent.

    Will my product liability case go to trial?

    Most civil cases settle out of court. Your lawyer will ensure you understand the process and procedures if your case goes to trial.

    The legal process confuses those unfamiliar with the state’s civil laws. A Lawrence product liability lawyer can answer your questions regarding your next steps.

    Your Lawrence Product Liability Lawyer

    The Palmer Law Group helps Kansas victims pursue justice.

    Your defective product experience was traumatic enough. You do not need the additional stress of managing your case alone.

    The Palmer Law Group is known throughout Kansas for helping victims of negligence. The pursuit of compensation is a serious one and one that deserves an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

    If you or a close loved one suffered harm or death due to a defective product, schedule a free consultation with The Palmer Law Group today. Call (785) 233-1836 without delay.

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