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    The human brain is vital in how we function daily and interact with others. Blunt force head trauma, from a car accident or other event, jars the brain within the skull. While the impact may be over in seconds, the effects of such a force can result in debilitating life changes.

    A brain injury that results from negligence, such as drunk driving, faulty sports equipment, or some other danger, deserves justice. The lifetime effects of a traumatic brain injury are costly, and these costs should be the responsibility of the liable party.

    A Lawrence brain injury lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation for your brain injury. Scheduling a free consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible is best for learning more about whether you have a case and how to proceed.

    How Negligence Can Result in a Life-Changing Brain Injury

    Negligence involves breaching the duty of care owed to others.

    Whether they are operating a motor vehicle or a restaurant, everyone owes a duty of care to those around them and those they serve. Simply put, everyone must use the same quality of care that a reasonable person would use in a similar situation. Failure to do so is negligence.

    A traumatic brain injury can occur in various settings. These settings include such events as:

    • Vehicle accidents: Motorists and vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and bicyclists, are at risk of brain injury due to a dangerous driver. Impaired, distracted, drowsy, and aggressive drivers are types of negligent drivers no one sees until it is too late.
    • Slip and fall accidents: Falls are a leading cause of brain injuries in the United States. Tripping over an unsecured wire, slipping on a wet floor, or falling down stairs with no handrail can result in a tragic brain injury. Premises liability for the property owner is generally present in slip and fall claims and lawsuits.
    • Sports Injuries: Contact sports, like football, place players of all ages at risk for a brain injury. Defective safety gear, especially helmets, can play a role in the severity of head trauma.

    Another type of brain injury can also occur during a near-drowning event. Anoxic brain injuries happen when there is a complete lack of oxygen to the brain. Brain cells begin to die in as little as four minutes without oxygen.

    If your child suffered an anoxic brain injury due to an unsecured pool, a Lawrence brain injury lawyer may be able to help you. Each case is different and unique to the circumstances and actions involved.

    No matter how you or a close loved one suffered your brain injury, you do not have to fight for justice alone. A lawyer experienced with Kansas civil law can navigate you through the legal process and protect your best interests.

    Why Traumatic Brain Injuries Are So Expensive

    Even the most minor brain injury can have a significant financial impact.

    For victims with a severe brain injury, the need for constant care may make a skilled nursing facility necessary. Skilled nursing facilities average thousands of dollars each month.  It is a price that most families are unable to afford.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a traumatic brain injury is a bump, blow, or penetrating head injury that disrupts normal brain function. A brain injury disrupts the ability to conduct simple, everyday tasks. Such an injury can impact your life in the following ways:

    • Mobility
    • Ability to communicate
    • Loss of sensation
    • Behavioral or emotional changes.

    A brain injury victim may experience one or more of these effects following a tragic accident. A victim’s treatment and needs may involve:

    • Repeated hospital stays
    • Prescription medications
    • Physical, occupational, or psychological therapy
    • Home personal care attendant
    • Home medical equipment.

    Kansas law protects a brain injury victim’s right to pursue compensation due to the negligence of another person. A brain injury attorney can manage the details of your civil claim or lawsuit, allowing you more time to focus on your recovery or that of a close loved one.

    Why Lawrence Brain Injury Victims Choose the Palmer Group

    Client care, compassion, and commitment top the list.

    The Palmer Law Group is a Kansas law firm known for its tough fighting on behalf of clients. With more than 60 years of combined experience, the team knows how to manage brain injury cases.

    Insurance companies would rather settle than face one of our attorneys in court.  Results such as our over $100 million in civil case victories demonstrate the drive and dedication we bring to each case.

    Community involvement and professional accomplishments round out our portfolio. What matters most is client satisfaction and securing the best possible outcome for you.

    Among our key attributes are:

    • Timely responses to your questions
    • Updated information as your case progresses
    • Preparation for trial, if necessary
    • A warm and approachable staff.

    A traumatic brain injury brings unwanted and unfair changes to your life. When such an injury results from the reckless actions of others, it demands accountability. A member of our team can help you pursue not only accountability but possible compensation for your damages.

    Learn more about why we are a good fit for your case. Schedule a free case consultation as soon as possible. Let us help you start your journey toward justice.

    How a Lawrence Brain Injury Lawyer Helps You

    We bring skills, experience, and a firm understanding of Kansas civil law to each case.

    Your brain injury attorney helps you by handling all aspects of your case. From phone calls to court filings, your attorney leads the fight for your civil claim or lawsuit.

    Negotiating with an insurance company for a fair settlement is different than dealing with something like the cost of a car. It is a complicated process of back-and-forth negotiations, often filled with insurance company tactics.

    Spotting such tactics takes years of experience. At the Palmer Law Group, we not only spot them, but we counter them. Aggressive insurance companies do not worry us — we hold firm to what we know our client deserves.

    Other ways a Lawrence brain injury lawyer helps brain injury victims include:

    • Investigating the accident
    • Identifying all liable parties
    • Interviewing witnesses
    • Gathering evidence
    • Filing your lawsuit with the appropriate court.

    No brain injury victim should attempt to negotiate with an insurance company alone. An initial settlement offer may tempt you. However, do not accept it — call the Palmer Law Group instead.

    Accepting a settlement is a one-and-done event. Victims cannot pursue a lawsuit later should they develop complications from their brain injury. What you fight for now can matter greatly later.

    Brain injury victims do not have to face their fight for compensation alone. With an experienced and skilled brain injury attorney by their side, they can rest easier knowing someone is at work for them.

    A traumatic brain injury impacts normal brain function. A long recovery or permanent damage can affect your quality of life forever. If you or a close loved one suffered such a devastating injury due to the negligence of others, contact the Palmer Law Group today.

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    Brain Injury FAQs

    A Lawrence brain injury attorney answers frequently asked questions.

    Can a brain injury result in death?

    It is possible to lose a close loved one due to a brain injury accident. If the accident involved negligence, you may want to pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

    What is the statute of limitations for a Kansas personal injury or wrongful death case?

    Two years for either type of case. The time for pursuing compensation begins at the moment of injury or death.

    Can I still sue for my brain injury if the responsible party faces criminal charges?

    Yes. A criminal case is a separate type of law. Victims of negligence may pursue a civil case, regardless of the criminal case outcome.

    What if an insurance company blames me for the accident that caused my brain injury?

    Protect your best interests by not admitting fault, hiring an attorney, and referring insurance companies to your attorney.

    Will my brain injury case go to trial?

    Most civil claims are settled without going to trial. However, if your case does proceed before a judge and jury, hiring an attorney with courtroom experience is vital for your case.

    A traumatic brain injury leaves victims with more questions than answers. A free consultation with a brain injury attorney can help you learn more about how to fight for the justice you deserve.

    Your Lawrence Brain Injury Lawyer

    The Palmer Law Group fights for brain injury victims of negligence.

    At the Palmer Law Group, we fight for compensation for your significant damages. While each case is different, we typically fight such damages as:

    • Medical costs: immediate and on-going
    • Lost wages due to recovery time
    • The income lost if you are unable to return to your job
    • Pain and suffering caused by the other person’s negligence.

    A tragic accident changes your life in an instant. Most accidents caused by negligence are avoidable. When a person chooses reckless behavior that causes a traumatic brain injury to you or someone you love, you have rights.

    Insurance companies seek to protect the amount they pay. As brain injury lawyers, the Palmer Law Group is unafraid to stand up for what an insurance company should pay and unwilling to accept what they want to pay.

    Your life may not return to how it was before the accident. While compensation cannot replace all that you loss, it can help ease your financial stress if your case is successful.

    Contact the Palmer Group Today

    Time matters.

    The upheaval a brain injury accident brings to your life is overwhelming. Your daily routines and future plans may come to a screeching halt. It is in the midst of this chaos that victims can lose track of time.

    At the Palmer Law Group, we want to help you by protecting your right to file a civil lawsuit. We understand court requirements, legal forms, deadlines, and more. Fighting for the compensation you need now and possibly later in life is a serious, legal matter. Entrusting your case to our experienced hands is something you can do to ease your stress.

    While we cannot predict the outcome of your case, we will work hard for the best results possible. Settling for less than you deserve is never an option when your damages are due to negligence.

    Start your journey toward possible compensation today by call us at (785) 233-1836. You will find the entire Palmer Law Group team friendly, compassionate, and willing to answer any questions you may have about the civil process.

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