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    Burn injuries are traumatic and expensive. The recovery is generally long, requiring time away from work and resulting in massive medical costs.

    A Lawrence burn injury lawyer may be able to help you if you suffered severe burns due to negligence. The damages you experienced are unfair, and Kansas law allows victims to fight for fair compensation.

    Negligence and Your Burn Damages

    Burn damages caused by negligent actions demand justice.

    A burn injury caused by negligence can occur in various settings instantly. Highways and construction sites are just two examples of where one can experience exposure to gasoline, chemicals, or electrical fires.

    Many of us interact in and around fire hazards daily – we just aren’t aware of it. But when the reckless actions of another person ignite a fire, it can forever change your life.

    A burn injury is possible in the following situations and circumstances:

    • Car accident: The rupture of a fuel line or electrical wires brought down by the crash can result in fire.
    • Tanker truck accident: A crash involving a tanker truck transporting hazardous materials places victims at risk for severe burns.
    • Construction sites: Dangerous equipment and careless coworkers can cause a devastating fire or explosion.
    • Building fires: Faulty wiring or other unsafe conditions can ignite a fire, making it impossible for many to escape unharmed.
    • Intentional fires: Arson is a criminal act that can have dire consequences for innocent victims. Criminal charges do not impact your ability to pursue compensation for your fire-related damages.

    Negligence is at the root of a burn accident injury when someone fails to use the same care that a reasonable person would use in a similar situation. No matter how and where you suffered your burns, when you contact an attorney matters.

    The High Costs of Severe Burn Injuries

    The physical, emotional, psychological, and financial effects are staggering.

    Human skin is the body’s largest organ. Burn injuries create serious harm to not only the skin but underlying muscles and tendons. Varying degrees of burns impact the type of treatment, along with the long-term effects and costs.

    Patients who suffer severe burns typically have such damages as:

    • Immediate and long-term medical costs
    • Lost wages and the loss of future income
    • Mental anguish from pain and suffering.

    Severe burn injuries sometimes require care in a specialized burn facility. In addition to skin grafts and surgery, a patient may require plastic surgery to hide scarring.

    The emotional and psychological scars of a burn accident can include depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The stress of your situation can result in sleepless nights and a long road to recovery.

    Who you choose to represent you in a civil case is crucial for protecting your best interests. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay what victims deserve. Choose a Kansas attorney who will fight for you.

    Why Choose Us?

    The Palmer Law Group is compassionate and driven.

    At the Palmer Law Group, our Lawrence burn injury lawyers fight for their clients. With combined experience of 60 years, our lawyers are familiar with the devastating impact of negligence.

    We are proud of our aggressive reputation throughout Kansas as lawyers who do not back down. Our fierce dedication to helping victims of negligence is evident in over $100 million in civil case victories.

    Professional accomplishments and client testimonials are just part of our record. Our primary focus is our clients, and we aim to secure the best possible outcome for each case.

    Negligence that results in severe burn injuries demands justice. If this happened to you, you do not have to fight alone. Get help now from the Palmer Group. We stand ready to hold those liable accountable for your unfair damages.

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    How We Help You

    Your lawyer manages the intricate details of your case.

    A severe burn injury is an overwhelming and tragic situation for victims. When the injury results from negligence, you deserve justice.

    Burn victims generally deal with immediate and massive life changes. These changes go beyond their daily routine — they typically and profoundly affect a victim’s life, in some way, forever.

    At the Palmer Group, our Lawrence burn injury lawyers help clients by:

    • Offering a free case review
    • Working on a contingency-fee basis
    • Investigating the accident
    • Reviewing evidence
    • Determining negligence/fault
    • Negotiating for a fair settlement
    • Going to trial if necessary.

    Insurance representatives are often aggressive when it comes to settling cases quickly. Any attempt by an adjuster to get you to accept less than you deserve is a red flag. Accident victims should not give in to what an insurance company wants to pay. Victims instead should become clients of a Lawrence burn injury lawyer without delay.

    Peace of mind is crucial when it comes to burn recovery. Hiring an experienced member of the Palmer Law Group affords you just that, allowing you more time to rest and heal.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQs are helpful tools for learning answers to frequently asked questions.

    A Lawrence burn injury lawyer answers the following questions regarding burn injury claims and lawsuits:

    How long do I have to file a Kansas burn injury lawsuit?

    State law allows two years for filing your burn injury lawsuit. Because the Kansas statute of limitations begins at the moment of injury, time is paramount.

    Do I have legal options if my loved one died from burns caused by negligence?

    A Kansas wrongful death attorney can determine whether you are eligible to file a wrongful death case under the state’s civil laws.

    Why is negotiating and accepting a settlement by myself a bad idea?

    An insurance company may offer you a settlement that seems like a lot of money. However, these initial offers are generally unfair and far less than victims deserve.

    A Lawrence burn injury lawyer has the negotiation skills and experience you need to take on insurance companies. Start protecting your best interests now by scheduling a free consultation with the Palmer Law Group today.

    Contact Palmer Law Group for a Lawrence Burn Injury Lawyer

    We help burn victims fight for what they deserve.

    Your burn injury may be just one of your significant injuries following a traumatic accident. Bone fractures, internal injuries, or brain injuries may also occur due to negligence. The impact on your quality of life is significant. Returning to the life you enjoyed before the accident is nearly impossible.

    Kansas law protects your right to pursue compensation when you are the victim of negligence. A civil claim or lawsuit can serve as accountability, justice, and relief for your financial pressure.

    Your Lawrence burn injury attorney will negotiate with an insurance company for the best outcome possible. If your case goes to court, your attorney has the skills necessary for a trial.

    Should you accept an insurance company settlement without an attorney, you cannot pursue another claim against them. Additionally, if you fail to file your case within the Kansas statute of limitations, you may lose your chance to pursue compensation forever.

    Do not let either of these two scenarios happen. Take steps now to protect your future by scheduling a free consultation with the Palmer Law Group. Contact a Lawrence burn injury lawyer at (785) 223-1836.

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