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    What if the Insurance Company has already offered me a settlement?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    It cannot be said enough that insurance companies are in the business of minimizing payouts to maximize their company profits. Insurance companies will almost always try to settle quickly which is usually to their financial benefit. No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems, the goal of mos...

    Do I really have a legal claim?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    One of the first things that people wonder after they are hurt in an accident is if they have a legal claim. It is often difficult to maneuver through all of the details of a case, especially when insurance paperwork is involved, so let the Palmer Law Group help you navigate the system from start...

    I was recently involved in a car accident, what do I do now?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    First and foremost, make sure you are safe. Call 911 if necessary. If the accident is in the past but you have sustained a personal injury, then you should consider calling an experienced law firm. One of the award-winning lawyers at Palmer La...

    What will a lawyer cost me?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    Palmer Law is proud to offer free consultations. A member of our award-winning legal team will speak with you and you will never pay Palmer Law any money until we have won your case....

    Smith v. Union Pacific, 222 Kan. 303 (1977)

    A case overruling prior precedent regarding passenger look-out duties at a railroad crossing....

    Flax v. Kansas Turnpike Authority, 226 Kan. 1 (1979)

    A case overruling prior precedent and removing immunity from the Kansas Turnpike Authority on state constitutional grounds....

    Carpenter v. Johnson, 231 Kan. 783 (1982)

    A case applying the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to roadway defect claims under the Kansas Tort Claims Act....

    Jackson by Jackson v. Wood, 11 Kan. App.2d 478 (1986)

    A landmark case applying the landlord/tenant act to impose duties upon landlords in tort actions for injuries to invitees of tenants....

    Kansas Malpractice Victims v. Bell, 243 Kan. 333 (1988)

    One of a team of three lawyers in the case that declared unconstitutional various statutory medical malpractice tort reforms....

    Glenn v. Fleming, 247 Kan. 296 (1990)

    A case overruling precedent that was less than one year old regarding the subject matter of settlements in association with bad faith claims against insurers....