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    Topeka Basements Flooded with Sewer Water in Late July 2020

    • August 28,2020
    • FAQ

    In late July of 2020, Topeka saw an unusual amount of strong storms. There were instances of severe rain that caused flooding from the sewer in to people's homes and basements. Palmer Law is investigating this matter and may be able to assist you if your home was one of the ones that saw sewer fl...

    Palmer Law 2015-2020 Awards, Settlements & Verdicts

    At Palmer Law, we fight for our clients! We are proud of the fact that we are ready and willing to go to trial to protect our clients’ best interests. We’ve recovered over $80,000,000 and here are a few of our case results from the past five years. Let us know how we can help you if y...


    To our current clients, future clients, staff and community:    As you are no doubt aware, Governor Kelly has lifted the stay at home order previously imposed and the State of Kansas has begun to reopen its economy.  At this time, however, COVID-19 remains a significant threat to the s...

    truck colliding with motorcyclist

    Top Ten Truck Accident Causes and Factors

    Accidents involving a commercial truck can have far more serious outcomes than those related to passenger vehicles only, which makes perfect sense when you consider the size and weight of a typical semi-truck. When a standard passenger vehicle is pitted against a far larger and heavier semi-truck...

    gavel and stethoscope

    5 Accident Situations Where You’ll Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

    For many people, being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience – both physically and emotionally. When you are dealing with an accident situation, having a professional injury lawyer to rely on can make a world of difference. Not only will you have the benefit of a knowledgeable legal...

    Right of Way Laws in Kansas

    When you’re first learning how to drive, there is a considerable amount of information to cover in order to make sure you know how to stay safe on the roads. One of the most important aspects of safe driving is understanding the concept of the right of way. The right of way is addressed in seve...

    Motorcycle Safety Laws In Kansas FAQs

    • December 19,2019
    • FAQ

    There's maybe nothing more American than the idea of the zipping down the highway in a motorcycle. The motorcycle is the essence of independence and has added a "cool" factor to all who ride since the days of James Dean. Yet, the open road can also be a dangerous one, even if you're safe....

    Palmer Law Pleased with Kansas State Supreme Court Decision on Right to Trial by Jury

    The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Friday, June 14th that it is unconstitutional to have a maximum limit on the amount of damages a jury can award in personal injury lawsuits. The Supreme Court found that a cap on damages for pain and suffering was not in compliance with the Kansas State Co...

    What if the Insurance Company has already offered me a settlement?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    It cannot be said enough that insurance companies are in the business of minimizing payouts to maximize their company profits. Insurance companies will almost always try to settle quickly which is usually to their financial benefit. No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems, the goal of mos...

    Do I really have a legal claim?

    • January 31,2019
    • FAQ

    One of the first things that people wonder after they are hurt in an accident is if they have a legal claim. It is often difficult to maneuver through all of the details of a case, especially when insurance paperwork is involved, so let the Palmer Law Group help you navigate the system from start...