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Top Ten Truck Accident Causes and Factors


    Accidents involving a commercial truck can have far more serious outcomes than those related to passenger vehicles only, which makes perfect sense when you consider the size and weight of a typical semi-truck. When a standard passenger vehicle is pitted against a far larger and heavier semi-truck, there’s virtually no question as to which will lose the battle.

    Interestingly, the factors that contribute to semi-truck accidents are often much different than those that cause standard automobile accidents. According to a 2018 article by the Kansas City Star, even though there was a decrease in overall highway accident fatalities in 2017, the number of fatal semi-truck crashes is still increasing at a worrisome rate. In the eyes of many truck accident attorneys and experts, this rise may be correlated to the unique factors associated with semi-truck accidents.

    Semi-Truck Accident Factors

    Recent statistics released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reveal a disturbing trend: 87 percent of truck accidents were caused by the driver, while just a combined 13 percent were related to vehicle issues or the environment. Truck driver errors or performance are a common cause of accidents involving semi-trucks, though other factors can also contribute.

    The top 10 truck accident factors, in order of their frequency of occurrence, are as follows:

    1. Brake problems with the semi-truck
    2. Interruptions in the flow of traffic
    3.  A driver under the influence of prescription drugs
    4. A truck driver who is traveling at too high a rate of speed for the conditions
    5. A driver who is unfamiliar with the roadway
    6. Issues with the road (i.e. potholes)
    7. A failure to stop before a crash (i.e. at a crosswalk or traffic light)
    8. Over-the-counter drug use by the truck driver
    9. A driver’s inadequate surveillance
    10. Driver fatigue

    The FMCSA examined hundreds of factors that can contribute to accidents involving semi-trucks and found that the list above were the most commonly occurring. While other incidents, such as a medical emergency or poor decision-making, often impact the risk of a serious accident, the ten factors named above were the most frequently associated by far.

    For the drivers and passengers of standard vehicles, one careless decision on the part of a semi-truck driver can result in a life-altering accident, or even death. It is important that both truck drivers and carriers are held responsible for doing their part to keep the roads safe, as well as resolving accidents for which they are at fault, especially when they are in charge of wielding vehicles weighing thousands of pounds.

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