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    Sometimes complications arise during childbirth and babies need help making it out of the birth canal.  In these situations, doctors may use forceps to assist in the delivery. In competent medical hands, forceps can be a valuable tool to aid in delivery. However, if they are used improperly or unnecessarily, they can cause serious injuries to babies and mothers.

    If you believe your newborn baby suffered harm due to the negligent use of forceps, you may have a claim for medical malpractice against the obstetrician. Our birth injury attorneys can also provide legal counsel if a vacuum extractor, another device commonly used in assisted deliveries, caused injuries.

    Call Palmer Law Group today at (785) 233-1836 so we can learn about your situation. An experienced Kansas forceps delivery injury attorney from our firm will assess your case and explain options you may have to receive payment for damages.

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    We Have Won Over $100 Million in Settlements and Verdicts for Clients

    Our medical malpractice attorneys are skilled legal advocates for parents whose newborns have suffered injuries at the hands of medical providers. We know how to take on injury cases and win, as evidenced by our record of success. Our attorney team has obtained more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for valued clients.

    Here are some other points to consider in deciding whether to trust a Kansas forceps injury lawyer from our firm with your matter:

    • Our lawyers have over 60 years of combined legal experience in injury cases.
    • We have received numerous honors for our professional accomplishments.
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    • We work on a contingency fee basis so you do not pay any up-front costs.
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    We look forward to learning about your forceps injury case and, if there is evidence of negligence by your doctor, pursuing the compensation to which you are entitled.

    What a Kansas Forceps Delivery Injury Lawyer Will Do for You

    Following a birth injury, you don’t need the added stress of worrying about the steps and complexities of filing a claim against your doctor. Your focus should be on your baby’s health and your own well-being. This is where we come in. At Palmer Law Group, we will investigate what went wrong in the delivery room and why.

    According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, approximately 3 in 100 vaginal deliveries are assisted with forceps or vacuum extractors. These tools might be used to assist in birth if the baby is in distress, such as with a slowing or speeding heart rate, is stuck in the birth canal, the mother is too tired to push anymore, or the mother has a medical condition that makes pushing unsafe.

    A Kansas forceps delivery injury attorney from our firm will speak to medical experts to determine why forceps were used in your case, whether their use was necessary, and how their improper used caused harm. We will review your medical records, speak to witnesses to the delivery, and look into whether the at-fault doctor has had other malpractice claims filed against them.

    Once we have gathered the evidence, we will seek to negotiate a settlement with the doctor and their malpractice insurer. This process can involve some back and forth as we aggressively work to try and get you the maximum settlement that you and your family deserve. The majority of malpractice claims are settled through negotiations with insurance companies. But there are instances in which negotiations are not successful. In that case, we’ll counsel you about going to trial.

    No matter how your case progresses, you can trust that we will provide strong representation and well-informed guidance every step of the way.  When your child has suffered injuries due to medical negligence, we won’t back down in pursuing the compensation that you deserve.

    Compensation Available in Forceps Injury Cases

    The amount of compensation available in these cases depends on the severity of injuries, the strength of the evidence of malpractice, and the damages sustained.  Damages claimed in forceps injury cases could include payment for:

    • Current and future medical treatment
    • Nursing care, therapy and other specialized care
    • Long-term disability
    • Pain and suffering.

    Once our forceps delivery injury attorney in Kansas reviews your case, we will help you determine an amount of compensation to pursue.

    Kansas Forceps Delivery Injury Attorney Answers FAQs

    Following are common questions we receive related to forceps injuries and malpractice.

    How do forceps injuries happen that lead to malpractice claims?

    Forceps injuries can happen if too much force or pressure is used or they are not placed properly; babies are too big to be safely delivered vaginally; or they are used too early in delivery. We will examine how your child’s injury happened to determine whether it was caused by negligence.

    What kind of injuries are caused by misuse of forceps?

    Injuries could include bleeding in the skull or brain, fractured skull, nerve damage, brachial plexus palsy, facial palsy, and broken bones. If your newborn has suffered serious injuries caused by a doctor’s negligence, we will not back down in pursuing compensation in a malpractice claim.

    How do you prove malpractice?

    Proving malpractice involves showing that the at-fault doctor acted in a way that another competent doctor would not have in a similar situation. The actions led to your child’s forceps injuries and you sustained damages. Toward proving negligence and malpractice, we will get expert opinions from other doctors working in the obstetrics profession who understand forceps use.

    How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

    You generally have two years from the date your child was injured, or the date the injury was discovered, to file a lawsuit under the Kansas statute of limitations. And in no case can you file more than four years after your child’s delivery date.

    For answers specific to your situation, reach out directly to speak with one of our accomplished forceps injury lawyers in Kansas.

    Reach Out to Speak with a Trustworthy Forceps Delivery Injury Lawyer in Kansas

    While forceps use may sometimes be necessary to protect the well-being of both babies and mothers when complications arise in childbirth, if they are used improperly and cause injuries, you are entitled to seek compensation. A forceps injury can affect your child for the rest of their life depending on the type of injury and its severity. If you believe your newborn’s injuries were caused by the negligent use of forceps, we will review the facts of your case to establish whether the doctor may be liable. If so, we will advise you about the process of filing a medical malpractice claim and the compensation that you may be able to receive.  You could collect significant payment for medical bills and other damages.

    To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a knowledgeable forceps delivery injury attorney in Kansas call (785) 233-1836. We look forward to explaining your legal options.

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