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Palmer Law 2015-2020 Awards, Settlements & Verdicts


    At Palmer Law, we fight for our clients! We are proud of the fact that we are ready and willing to go to trial to protect our clients’ best interests. We’ve recovered over $80,000,000 and here are a few of our case results from the past five years. Let us know how we can help you if you’ve been injured through no fault of your own. #PalmerLaw

    $1,000,000 for a traumatic brain injury victim hit by a drunk driver

    $450,000 for a widow who lost her husband due to the failure to properly mark and sign a highway

    A settlement of $5,098,135.51 was awarded to a motorcyclist struck by a commercial truck causing a severe traumatic brain injury. This case highlights the importance of seeking expert legal assistance, such as that provided by a Manhattan, KS brain injury attorney, in similar complex and high-stakes situations.

    $2,900,000 settlement for wrongful death in case involving a pedestrian struck by a truck

    $500,000.00 for motorcycle driver with broken legs hit by inattentive driver

    $700,000 for against insurance carrier for drug impaired under insured motorist

    $800,000 for death of spouse in motorcycle hit by impaired driver

    $745,000 for family who lost elderly parent when delivery driver who failed to stop at stop light

    $1,000,000 for semi-tractor trailer that failed to stop on highway and rear ended driver

    $315,000 for slip and fall on stairs in restaurant

    $1,474,348.70 for combine roll over when grain hauler failed to slow on bridge

    $362,500 against injured worker’s insurance carrier for injured worker when phantom driver left scene of accident and could not be identified

    $425,000 for single mother in K-10 head on collision with inattentive driver who crossed the center line

    $2,000,000 to a traumatic brain injury victim following a ATV accident

    Confidential medical malpractice settlement following a wrongful death caused by the failure to diagnose and treat a group B strep infection

    $1,050,000 against a trucking company whose negligent driver cause our client to suffer a severe traumatic brain injury

    $1,600,000 settlement against other drivers and a farm owner following a collision occurring in smoke from a pasture burn

    $450,000 automobile accident settlement

    Confidential settlement for the victim of an accidental shooting

    Confidential medical malpractice settlement for failing to diagnose renal cell carcinoma

    $3,500,000 against a texting driver that caused our client to sustain a severe traumatic brain injury

    $1,200,000 wrongful death settlement involving a vehicle fleeing police that struck and killed our client

    Confidential medical malpractice settlement for the failure to diagnose liver cancer

    $425,000 in a products liability action where our client sustained severe burns

    Confidential medical malpractice settlement for aradiologist’s failure to diagnose a subdural hematoma resulting in death