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Can I Sue for Pregnancy Complications Following a Car Accident?


    A car accident involving severe injuries is made worse when you develop pregnancy complications. When the accident results from negligence, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

    The traumatic effect of a violent collision can disrupt or, sadly, end a pregnancy. If a dangerous driver is responsible for your pregnancy complications, consider seeking help from a Kansas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

    Pregnancy Complications Following a Car Accident

    A reckless driver can cause severe harm to your unborn child.

    Seatbelts and airbags provide little protection to your unborn child in a violent car accident. Your baby is vulnerable to various complications following a crash.

    Your injuries may include such harm to your baby as:

    • Placental abruption
    • Pre-term labor
    • Pre-mature birth
    • Birth defects
    • Fetal trauma
    • Miscarriage

    Care and concern about your baby compound your worries as you deal with other significant injuries and missed time from work. Broken bones, a brain or spinal cord injury, along with your pregnancy complications can require a lengthy recovery.

    Your baby may require care in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Extensive medical bills associated with a pre-mature birth can begin accumulating immediately and continue over days, weeks, and months.

    A car accident can result in permanent harm to your unborn child that follows them throughout their lifetime.  Cerebral palsy is one example of a life-long medical condition that can arise due to brain damage before or during birth.

    You have a right to pursue compensation for pregnancy complications that arise following a car accident caused by negligence. Spending time with your baby and healing from injuries are the top priorities. Consider hiring a personal injury attorney to manage the legal details of your civil case.

    Insurance Companies and Car Accidents Cases Involving Pregnancy Complications

    Why insurance companies fight personal injury cases.

    The personal injury case process typically starts by filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurer. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company for compensation relating to your injuries and pregnancy complications. If necessary, your case may go to trial.

    The emotional and psychological stress of the accident and its outcome make it nearly impossible for you to negotiate a settlement alone. Some insurance companies strive to offer victims a settlement before they can hire an attorney.

    Your baby’s unknown future medical needs are one reason not to accept an initial settlement offer. The amount you get now is final —there is no chance of seeking additional compensation later if your child’s condition worsens.

    Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. Protecting their insurers and the company’s bottom line is paramount to any injuries you or your baby experience.

    An insurance company may attempt to blame you for the accident or state that your pregnancy complications are unrelated to the accident. These are two examples of how an insurance company may fight your claim or lawsuit.

    State law protects your right to fight for compensation. Car accident victims with pregnancy complications must act quickly, however, to pursue justice and accountability.

    When a negligent person harms not one but two victims in a single action, victims deserve justice. The vulnerability of an unborn child in a car accident involving a drunk, distracted, or otherwise careless driver is frightening. If you and your unborn baby suffered harm due to negligence, consider contacting a Kansas car accident attorney today.

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    When Must I File My Car Accident with Pregnancy Complications Lawsuit?

    Civil cases have strict deadlines due to the statute of limitations.

    Car accident victims must act quickly to protect their right to a civil lawsuit. A civil lawsuit involving pregnancy complications must reach the court within two years of the accident.

    The date of your traumatic car accident is the date your life changed forever. It is also the date that the statute of limitations clock began ticking.

    Delaying an all too important call to a Kansas car accident attorney is easy to do following an accident. The aftermath is a time of medical procedures for you and your unborn or premature baby.

    However, contacting a car accident attorney is one of the most crucial steps a victim can take. It helps you learn if you have a case and how to move forward with civil action.

    Strict court deadlines are necessary to prevent cases from lingering for years. If successful, your case can provide you with the compensation you and your baby need.

    Accident victims can help their attorney prepare their case by providing such information as:

    • Police report: details the accident and indicates charges, if any, for the responsible party
    • Contact information for witnesses: Phone numbers or emails are vital for contacting witnesses as soon as possible.
    • Medical reports: Records that detail the severity of your injuries and documentation of your medical costs.

    The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they can interview witnesses and review evidence. Over time, witness memories fade, and evidence can become misplaced or lost. Car accident victims can rest easier by turning over as much evidence as possible to an experienced and skilled Kansas attorney.

    If the statute of limitations expires, a court will most likely not hear your case. An attorney can protect your right to seek compensation for your damages by filing your lawsuit promptly.

    While most civil claims settle without a trial, filing a lawsuit guards the ability to take your case before a judge and jury, if necessary.

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