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Quality Representation from a Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Based in Topeka

Palmer Law Group LLP have been providing legal representation to injured Topeka, Kansas residents since 1980.

Since 2000, we have recovered more than $60 million on behalf of our clients. We have devoted our nearly 60 years of combined legal experience to helping thousands of people seek legal recovery and personal well-being for their injuries and damages. These are the kinds of results you - and our opponents - cannot ignore!

Our attorneys are recognized by peers, colleagues, and community members alike for our skill and dedication to offering hard-hitting legal representation for personal injury accident claims. We have the knowledge, resources, ability, and tenacity to bring your case to trial if necessary - and insurance companies know it. More importantly, a Topeka personal injury lawyer from our firm can understand the frustration and difficulty of being injured through no fault of your own. We can work hard to see that monetary compensation is available to you, and ultimately, help you put your life back in order and set you on a road to happiness. Recovery - financially, emotionally, and physically - is the most important part of a successful personal injury case, and we want to help you achieve that level of healing.

Taking Your Case to Trial When it Matters

Our general philosophy when approaching personal injury matters is to only take cases that we are willing to take to trial. By preparing ourselves to the greatest extent possible, we can set ourselves up to successfully pursue a case on behalf of our client. This type of legal representation requires experience, resources, and ability. You can't receive this kind of devoted legal service everywhere.

Personal injury claims require hands-on knowledge of how to handle these cases, the courts, and the insurance companies. Insurance companies thrive on preying on vulnerable and unsuspecting victims. Because we are informed of common insurance company strategies and sneaky tactics, we are able to obtain more favorable outcomes for our clients. Being prepared to take your case to trial and able to represent you strongly against insurance companies separates our firm from the competition.

By developing your case to specifically identify the pertinent issues as quickly and as fully as possible in an effort to seek the most efficient result or resolution for our clients, we can be ready to deal with anything that may come our way. Our attorneys are no strangers to how frustrating, how long, and how painful a personal injury case may be for you. You've been injured at no fault of your own, yet somehow, you still find yourself battling against stubborn insurance companies that refuse to give you what you deserve. Our attorneys can work hard to seek monetary compensation to help you return to normalcy and allow you to put your life back in order.

Contact Palmer Law Group LLP for Legal Counsel

As a victim, you do not want to be kicked while you are down. Insurance companies tend to choose this time of helplessness to strike against you. Protect yourself, your family, and your rights by retaining legal representation from a Topeka personal injury attorney from Palmer Law Group LLP. Attorney Gary D. White of our firm has been named Topeka's Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2013, and Attorney Meaghan M. Girard has been acknowledged in the National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100. If your case goes to trial, you need attorneys who are experienced in the courtroom, and our firm has the trial experience that is so valuable in personal injury claims.

Our firm is proud to serve residents of Topeka, Kansas and surrounding areas of Manhattan, Junction City, and Lawrence. With our impressive track record of verdicts and settlements, we have been able to translate our approach to legal representation into proven courtroom success. Do not suffer in silence or live with the consequences of trusting in an inexperienced attorney with your interests. We have handled a wide range of personal injury cases and know what it takes to keep your best interests preserved while fighting for the best possible outcome.

Because we are aware of what challenges you must be going through right now, we offer free case evaluations over the phone for our potential clients. Legal representation from our firm is cost-effective and beneficial in many ways.

By consulting our legal offices, we can determine if your case has merit and pursue legal action on your behalf. If you would like to learn more about how one of our attorneys can assist you with your case, contact Palmer Law Group LLP to speak to a member of our team directly. Your road to compensation and justice can begin with our firm, so act now!

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