Verdicts and Settlements

Palmer Law Group LLP has provided quality legal representation and counsel for injured victims across Topeka, Kansas since 1980. We have handled thousands of personal injury cases and have proudly represented injured residents of the Topeka area, and since 2000, we have recovered more than $60 million on behalf of our clients. Contact a Topeka personal injury lawyer from the firm to discuss your case or feel free to take a look at the outcomes of our most notable cases to learn how our proven successes can help your case, too!

Here are some of the representative cases handled by Palmer Law Group LLP​.

$11,000,000+ Class Action Settlement

This important class action case involved the wrongful incarceration of over 40,000 Wichita residents for failing to pay traffic and misdemeanor fines. By imprisoning these individuals without a hearing, the City violated their due process rights under both the United States and Kansas Constitutions. The City was utilizing these methods in an effort to increase sagging city revenues. Mr. Leatherman and Mr. White worked diligently to ensure that this abusive practice was stopped and that those who were unlawfully imprisoned were fairly compensated. In total, the case was settled for over $11,000,000.

$4,134,288.26 Medical Malpractice Verdict

In Sedgwick County District Court against a cardiac electrophysiologist who negligently performed an electrophysiology study and ablation resulting in complete heart block and pacemaker dependency for our client.

$1,000,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement

Against a rancher whose cattle were on a highway at night where one was struck by our client resulting in a closed head injury and permanent disability.

$900,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement

For a client who suffered a comminuted tibia/fibula fracture, lumbar fracture and permanent disability as result of an automobile collision.

Confidential Medical Malpractice Settlement

Against a nurse anesthetist for a client who suffered cardiopulmonary arrest as a result of an improperly placed epidural injection.

Confidential Property Damage Settlement

Against an excavation contractor for their failure to properly close a manhole prior to an extremely heavy rain, allowing massive amounts of rainwater to enter the sanitary sewage system and causing system overload. More than 20 homeowners in the area had their homes infiltrated by raw sewage.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Settlement

(The maximum recoverable against a municipality under Kansas law) against a County ambulance service for improperly intubating our client who suffered progressive bradycardia and hypoxia and eventually death.

Confidential Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

Against an insurance company for wrongful denial of coverage to its insured. As a result of its denial, the insured was personally exposed to damages in excess of $2.5 million dollars.

Confidential Legal Malpractice Settlement

Against a lawyer who was negligent in representation of the client in an underlying medical malpractice case.

Confidential Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Settlement

Against a physician’s assistant staffing an emergency department who discharged our client after failing to recognize she had sepsis syndrome as a result of Influenza. A.

Confidential Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death Settlement

Against a radiologist who failed to identify a bladder mass on a CT scan. Our client died as a result of the failure to identify the transitional cell carcinoma on a CT scan.

Confidential Personal Injury Settlement

For a client who sustained multiple gunshot wounds as a result of a mentally unbalanced individual obtaining access to an assault rifle.

In addition, our attorneys have handled numerous cases in the Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals to protect the rights of Kansas Citizens. Some examples include:

  • LaShure v. Felts, 40 Kan. App. 2d 1001, 197 P.3d 885 (2008), holding that jury instructions in medical malpractice cases should be fair and uniform.
  • Long v. Turk, 265 Kan. 855 (1998), Establishing the liability of gun owners to exercise the highest degree of care (one of two such rulings in the United States).
  • David's Episcopal Church v. Westboro Baptist Church, 22 Kan. App.2d 537 (1998),review denied by the Kansas Supreme Court, certiorari denied by the United States Supreme Court, establishing for the first time anywhere the rights of privacy of worship as a governmental interest and holding those who would interfere to the standards of a mixed audience.
  • Sheila A. v. Whiteman, 259 Kan. 549 (1996), the first case to overrule a district court on the award of attorney fees in either a class action or common fund case.
  • Cerretti v. Flint Hills REC, 251 Kan. 347 (1992), upholding a verdict for the death of a woman by electrocution where damages of over $1 million were awarded.
  • Harding v. K.C. Wall Products, Inc., 250 Kan. 655 (1992), a case of first impression upholding the constitutionality of a statute of repose, specially designed for latent disease cases.
  • Glenn v. Fleming, 247 Kan. 296 (1990), a case overruling precedent that was less than one year old regarding the subject matter of settlements in association with bad faith claims against insurers.
  • Kansas Malpractice Victims v. Bell, 243 Kan. 333 (1988), one of a team of three lawyers in the case that declared unconstitutional various statutory medical malpractice tort reforms.
  • Jackson by Jackson v. Wood, 11 Kan. App.2d 478 (1986), a landmark case applying the landlord/tenant act to impose duties upon landlords in tort actions for injuries to invitees of tenants.
  • Carpenter v. Johnson, 231 Kan. 783 (1982), a case applying the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices to roadway defect claims under the Kansas Tort Claims Act.
  • Flax v. Kansas Turnpike Authority, 226 Kan. 1 (1979), a case overruling prior precedent and removing immunity from the Kansas Turnpike Authority on state constitutional grounds.
  • Smith v. Union Pacific, 222 Kan. 303 (1977), a case overruling prior precedent regarding passenger look-out duties at a railroad crossing.
  • Bell v. Kent Brown Chevrolet, 1 Kan. App.2d 131 (1977), the first appellate case involving the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

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