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Property owners have the legal responsibility to take proper care, manage, and operate their property. By doing so, property owners of commercial or residential property can minimize the risk of harm or danger to their tenants, guests, or visitors. Unfortunately, not all property owners take great care to remove dangers from the premises which would otherwise ensure a safe and secure environment. Types of premises liability cases include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injuries from unmaintained structures, decks, or walkways
  • Injuries due to falling objects, such as unsecured tiles or lighting
  • Stairwell, staircase, or stairway steps collapse
  • Poor lighting
  • Greasy or oily flooring / surfaces
  • Negligent security implementation, such as lack of security cameras or fences
  • Other accidents caused by dangerous property conditions

If you have been injured due to a property owner's negligence, you may have a solid basis to file a suit for a premises liability claim. Before doing so, we highly suggest that you consult the sound legal counsel of a Topeka personal injury lawyer from Palmer Law Group LLP. Because personal injury claims - especially premises liability claims - are extremely complex, learning more about your case is strongly advised. Going blindly into a premises liability claim could be detrimental to your chances of recovering compensation for your damages or injuries, so learning more about your rights can only be beneficial to your case.

Know Your Rights in a Premises Liability Claim

Though laws typically range from state to state, the general rule for property owners boils down to one duty: Property owners must exercise reasonable care in keeping their property safe. Failure to do so could result in the property owner's liability. As an invitee or guest of the property, you have the right to be forewarned of any sort of danger or threat to your safety. Failure to do so could result in harmful accidents.

Unfortunately, proving liability in court can be harder to accomplish than most would think. Your injuries will not stand as strong enough evidence of liability, so enlisting in strong legal representation from a Topeka premises liability lawyer is crucial to the success of proving liability in your premises liability claims. The attorneys at Palmer Law Group LLP are adept in personal injury law and are capable of navigating the complexities of your premises liability claim, and strive to seek the best possible resolution after your accident.

Prove Liability with a Topeka Personal Injury Lawyer

The most essential component of premises liability claims hinges on your attorney's ability to demonstrate that the owner of the property where you were injured was absolutely negligent. Proving that the property owner was acting carelessly, thus risking the safety of tenants, visitors, or guests of the premises can be accomplished, but you must take the first steps in this difficult process. Taking note or photos of the scene where you were injured could make your case stronger against negligent property owners.

Contact a Topeka premises liability attorney from our firm and we could make your case even stronger! We offer free case evaluations during which we can discuss your case over the phone to determine if your claims have merit of if you are eligible for compensation. Assisting victims seek the best possible resolution after an accident is what we do best, so if we take on your legal matters, you can ensure that we can offer strong legal representation for your claims. To protect your rights after a premises liability accident, call our firm!

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