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As a paying policy holder with your insurance company, you pay insurance premiums to ensure that your insurance company will provide coverage or benefits as determined by your policy. By paying into this policy, you have entered into a legal contract with your insurance company with the expectation that they will provide the treatment as agreed upon in the insurance policy in good faith. When insurance companies fail to provide the coverage promised by an insurance policy, or hinder compensation by delaying or refusing your claim, your insurance company is most likely acting in "bad faith."

By law, not only are you entitled to the benefits of the agreed upon insurance policy, but your insurance company must provide these services in good faith. Yet, countless victims of personal injury accidents, car accidents, or premises liability accidents experience insurance bad faith and suffer financially and physically. Depending on the injuries incurred due to their personal injury accident, victims of insurance bad faith can even suffer great amounts of pain and suffering because they have not received the treatment that would have otherwise been granted to them in insurance good faith. If you think you may be the victim of insurance bad faith, seek the legal counsel of an experienced Topeka personal injury lawyer from our firm immediately. We can help determine what course of action is best for you to take in your circumstances.

Insurance Bad Faith in Kansas

Insurance companies are businesses, and like most businesses, their primary goal is to maximize profits while preserving their own interests. Unfortunately, most insurance bad faith cases occur during a policy holder's time of greatest medical need, resulting in financial hardship, emotional distress, and worsened physical health. Although insurance companies are legally responsible for covering claims as agreed upon in the contract established with your insurance company, they often reach settlements worth substantially less.

Many times, these unfair settlements arise simply because people are generally hesitant of taking a case to court. At Palmer Law Group LLP, we always advise that you understand your legal options before agreeing to a settlement with the company. You may be entitled to far more than you might actually think or far more than the insurance company tries to settle for or offer to you.

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When victims of insurance bad faith come to our firm, we typically only take cases that we are willing to take to trial. This philosophy demonstrates just how willing your legal representation must be when going up against insurance companies. If you are the victim of insurance bad faith, do not think about risking your claims in the hands of an inexperienced, unknowledgeable, or unwilling attorney. At Palmer Law Group LLP, we know that insurance lawsuits require experience, resources, and ability. We know this because we practice it! This is something insurance companies know - and are afraid of when they hear we are representing a client. By offering this type of legal representation to our clients, we can obtain more favorable results for our clients. During a free case evaluation over the phone, you can learn more about our hard-hitting, cost-effective, and time-efficient legal services.

If you still aren't convinced that Palmer Law Group LLP is the firm to choose for your personal injury insurance matters, our very own Attorney Dustin L. Van Dyk is recognized by the NLTA Top 40 Under 40, so you know that our firm employs Kansas' finest insurance bad faith lawyers that are adept in both state and federal legislation and understands the value of insurance in our industry. Let our 60 years of combined experience work for you. We know you want to move on with your live in a positive manner after a negative experience with your insurance company. What better way to ensure your life moves forward than with legal representation from Palmer Law Group LLP? Contact a Topeka insurance bad faith lawyer from our firm today who can protect your rights!

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