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Kansas Injury Attorney Won Landmark Supreme Court Ruling

Sadly, gun and firearm violence has steadily increased in the United States throughout the years. In recent years and current events, it has become very clear that both victims and assailants are getting even younger as handguns and firearms become increasingly easier to obtain. As a result, the issue of firearm liability has become a legal and political hot button, and things such as firearm rights and gun crimes are being tried, tested, and hotly debated in the courts. Our own Attorney Jerry R. Palmer established himself as a pioneer in handgun litigation when the Kansas State Supreme Court ruled in favor of his client in his famous 1998 firearm litigation case Long v. Turk, 265 Kan. 855.

This ruling of his case established that owners of handguns and firearms must exercise the highest degree of care in protecting their weapons from unauthorized usage, especially usage of minors. This landmark ruling helped to redefine the extent to which parents are liable for safeguarding weapons from their children. His legal representation in this case would set standards of firearm litigation that are still impacting firearm hearing and court proceedings in the United States to this very day! If you are facing a firearm litigation case, it may be in your best interest to seek the help of a Topeka personal injury lawyer from our firm.

Experienced Litigators Produce Successful Results

Unlike most firms that can only claim that they handle firearm litigation cases, Palmer Law Group LLP has the credentials to prove that we are the firm to handle your firearm litigation claims. Our experience in court paired with aggressive advocacy for our clients has led to successful results, satisfied clients, and an impressive track record with courtroom verdicts and settlements. With serious personal injury cases like firearm litigation where so much is on the line, you need tried and true legal representation from a Kansas firearm litigation attorney.

Not only has our firm been named as one of the top law firms in Kansas, but members of our legal team have been listed among the top lawyers in the nation. When your case goes to trial, you want to ensure you are being represented by attorneys with credentials and accolades, and Palmer Law Group LLP can offer just that. Attorney Leatherman has been included in the Kansas Super Lawyers® list, and Attorney White has been honored as Topeka's Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2013 and has earned a listing in the Super Lawyers® Best Lawyers in America for 10 years (2003 - 2013). Attorney Girard has been listed in National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 as well as Super Lawyer Rising Star.

We pride ourselves on offering quality legal representation by upholding standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism. We also know that your personal injury claims demand compassion and honesty. By taking advantage of our free case evaluation, you can speak with a member of our qualified legal team who can discuss the circumstances regarding your firearm litigation claims, and determine whether your claims have merit. We give honest and sound legal advice, and prepare each case as if it were to go to trial. By enlisting in the legal services of a Topeka personal injury attorney at Palmer Law Group LLP, you can trust that you have a professional on your side that will work hard to seek the best possible resolution for your case. Contact our firm for legal help in your firearm litigation claims!

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