Nursing Home Neglect

Has your elderly loved one been harmed at a Kansas nursing home?

Neglect in nursing homes can occur in various ways and can have a huge impact on the well-being of an elderly resident. Neglect may be committed due to the lack of staff, inadequately trained staff, or overworked staff. It can result in harmful conditions to residents which may lead to injury, health damage, or even death. At Palmer Law Group LLP, our legal team is well versed in all of the legal factors pertaining to nursing home abuse and neglect.

Each Topeka nursing home abuse attorney on our legal team is an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer. Our firm has achieved many outstanding case results, including landmark court decisions which have resulted in our reputation as a premiere law firm for personal injury cases in our geographical region.

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Types of Neglect in Kansas & Topeka Nursing Homes

Neglect of a nursing home resident can occur as lack of physical, emotional, or medical attention or care. As an example, lack of proper care for an elderly person confined to a wheelchair or a bed can lead to bed sores or pressure ulcers. If these sores are not identified and properly treated, they can develop into deeper wounds, compromising tissue, muscle, and even bones beneath.

Other forms of neglect include:

  • failure to properly nourish the body resulting in malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • lack of proper medication or patient monitoring after medications have been administered
  • lack of providing proper hygiene

Poor sanitation in cooking areas, bathrooms, and public areas can lead also to health problems for residents. Where these types of negligence have harmed a resident, they may justify the need for legal action seeking compensation for the damages incurred.

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