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Medication errors are unacceptable in any medical care facility. They are especially dangerous when committed against the elderly in nursing homes. These senior citizens are often in frail physical and emotional health and thus less able to sustain any type of medication error. Many also suffer from dementia and cognitive problems and thus cannot easily communicate when harmed by mistakes they may not understand.

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Medication Errors in Topeka Nursing Homes

Medication errors can occur in different ways based on many types of human error. Wrong medication, wrong dosage, and wrong delivery path into the body are among the most common errors that can occur. Other mistakes include inadequate monitoring of a patient who has been given a medication, lack of attention to a patient's history and the other medications he or she may be currently taking, mistakes made in lab work leading to medication errors, mixing one patient's prescriptions with another patient in the facility, overdose, or underdose. All of these can lead to complications in an elderly person's health.

These errors can be committed on the part of pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and other support staff. They can be caused by dispensing errors, communication breakdown, due to shift changes in staff, frequent changes in caregivers, or through errors due to overloaded or poorly trained staff.

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