Pharmaceutical Injuries

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Injuries can result from a pharmacist's failure to provide appropriate medication, either through the failure to follow a doctor's orders or through following orders that they know to be incorrect. They might issue the incorrect medicine or the correct medicine in too high or too low of a dosage. In any event, the consequences of negligence can be dire, including serious illness, permanent injury, and death. Pursuing legal action against negligence with a Topeka medical malpractice attorney from our firm is in your best interests if you seek compensation for your injuries.

Companies can also be held liable if they introduce a dangerous drug into the market after failing to do proper medical testing or appropriate research to take the necessary precautions to ensure the product does not actually inflict more harm than health. Consumer safety must always be a priority concern with marketing and distributing companies of pharmaceutical drugs, but this is not always the case. If you have suffered injury or damage due to a dangerous pharmaceutical dug, you may be able to file a suit. Though immediate action may not be possible, filing a suit against the company even if the drug in question has received FDA approval can ensure others are not harmed by the dangerous drug.

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Major drug pharmaceutical companies are typically not looking out for your best interests. They thrive on conducting business by promoting medicines that are easily attainable at cheap prices. These companies tend to sell the medication for what it claims to solve or treat, but almost always avoid marketing the side effects. We've all heard this before - commercials and radio ads tend to rattle off the adverse side effects in a rushed tone, hoping to sell consumers on the promise of providing better health rather than dangerous or deadly ramifications.

When a person suffers complications, severe health problems down the line or even death as a result of dangerous prescription medicine, the patient or surviving family members may have grounds to seek legal compensation for the damages imposed on them. Do not risk trying to take on pharmaceutical companies on your own. Trust that a knowledgeable and experienced Topeka medical malpractice lawyer can work on your behalf to ensure your rights stay protected and determine if compensation is available to you.

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