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Medical Malpractice Attorney Holds Negligent Parties Accountable

Negligent or wrongful actions of medical professionals can result in tragic birth injuries. Due to negligence, accident or not, birthing injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, brain damage, skeletal deformities, and even death of your infant could occur. Of course, no monetary compensation or financial award could ever replace the precious life of your child, nor could it ever sufficiently compensate for your pain, suffering, emotional trauma, or psychological well-being. But opening yourself up to a place where a Topeka medical malpractice lawyer can help you right the wrongs that have been unjustly committed against you may help ensure that the responsible parties for your loss and distress are held accountable.

Birthing Injuries Affect Whole Families

No one ever expects to have to enlist in the help of a Topeka medical malpractice attorney after the birth of their child. But in some circumstances when a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner causes your beloved child a birthing injury or wrongful death due to some sort of negligent or inattentive action, you must seek legal help immediately. We know that this time is emotional for you. We know that your precious family must be hurting to no end during this season of trial. Just know that our attorneys are here for you, and are fierce advocates of your rights, but also, for your family's best interests.

Our purpose as counselors at law is to ensure your rights stay protected and that injustices are answered for. With our help, you can attain that compensation you truly deserve and need. There is no amount of financial compensation that could barely begin to cover the amount of pain and anguish you may be feeling. But the road to recovery could begin by seeking financial compensation. Palmer Law Group LLP is named among the top law firms in Kansas, and one of the main practices at our firm is medical malpractice involving birthing injuries.

These types of medical malpractice are negligent actions that should never happen, cannot be excused, and must be answered for. Attorney Gary D. White was named Topeka's Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2013, so we are ready to take your claims to court if it should ever have to come down to it. In all, our team shares nearly 60 years of collective experience. Since 2000, we have been able to secure $60 million in compensation for our clients in the form of verdicts and settlements. These are facts that you can trust if you are seeking effective legal counsel, and aggressive and confidential legal representation. Take advantage of our free case evaluation and contact a Topeka personal injury lawyer at Palmer Law Group LLP today. We know that this is a vulnerable time for you, but call us for compassionate legal counsel immediately and allow us to protect your rights while you focus on recovery and return to a place of harmony, normalcy, and happiness.

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