Anesthesia Injuries

Holding Kansas Doctors Liable for Medical Malpractice

The improper administration or inadequate supply of oxygen to a patient who is under sedation can cause paralysis, brain damage, and even death. An anesthesiologist is responsible for closely monitoring the patient's oxygen intake, ventilation, body temperature, and circulatory functions while the patient is under sedation. If injury or death results from a failure to discharge the correct responsibilities, the anesthesiologist or team can be held accountable for your damages.

Anesthesia Injuries and Why You Need Legal Representation

Many injuries sustained during the administration of anesthesia are completely due to human error. Like many other personal injury accidents, anesthesia injuries could be completely avoided by upholding high standards of medical practice and adhering to clinical requirements. Anesthesia is used in a variety of medical environments, ranging from dentists chairs to surgical tables. Common anesthesia injuries could include:

  • Dental injury
  • Peripheral nerve injury, resulting in poor patient positioning while administering anesthesia via intra-neutral injection
  • Ocular injury, resulting in blindness
  • Muscular and skin tissue injury, resulting in infection or wrongful death, especially in elderly, debilitated, or children patients
  • Injury to lips and oral mucous membranes, including the trachea (throat, airways)
  • Laceration of the vocal chords

If you were the victim of any of the above incidences while under anesthesia, you could be entitled to compensation. Speaking to an experienced Kansas medical malpractice law firm in Topeka can determine what legal options or actions are available to you. Your pain and suffering is the result of human error, so it is easy to feel like you have been taken advantage of in a vulnerable state. Do not hesitate to contact a Topeka medical malpractice attorney from Palmer Law Group LLP for fair, effective, and aggressive legal representation that you need in order to have your injuries and damages properly compensated and addressed. Call us or fill out a free case evaluation form to discuss your case with our attorneys today.

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