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If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury accident, you are probably well aware of the tragedy, emotional distress, and financial hardship that it brings. Trying to take on a personal injury claim on your own could place unnecessary strain or stress on you. Suffering from the injuries of your accident or watching your loved one suffer the damages of someone else's negligence can be extremely overwhelming for anyone.

These things are just the beginning of the numerous challenges that an individual could face in a personal injury accident. Fortunately, a Junction City personal injury attorney can help alleviate the stress. A legal representative from Palmer Law Group LLP could be the helping hand that you need to lead you towards recovery, normalcy, and harmony once again.

When someone's negligence causes you or a loved one harm, this is a type of injustice that our attorneys cannot let go unanswered. As a victim, you have the right to pursue compensation and recovery for your losses, and our firm has devoted our practice to helping victims of misconduct throughout Kansas. Attorney Gary D. White, for example, has had the honor of being named Topeka's Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2013, serving as the ultimate testament that our firm has what it takes to represent your rights, interests, and claims to the fullest extent of the law. By enlisting in the services of our firm, we can bring the same devotion, dedication, and commitment that attorney White is known and praised for to your personal injury claims.

Providing Legal Counsel for Your Personal Injury Claims

Located in the heart of Kansas, Junction City is a part of the Manhattan Metropolitan Statistical Area, and we provide our legal services to its residents. As a small town with nearly 24,000 inhabitants that prides itself on cultural and ethnic diversity, friendly and tight-knit community foundations, and hospitable atmosphere, the city has seen some recent growth in population largely due to the return of the 1st Infantry Division to Fort Riley. As a result, several thousand housing units are being constructed within its city limits.

As a new hot spot of population growth and job opportunity, the probability of personal injury also increases. Many cannot ignore the allure of small-town comfort but big city amenities of job opportunity and work. Construction site managers trying to build more houses at a higher frequency due to higher demand may be tempted to disregard safety precautions or regulations, leading to unsafe working environments for workers. The likelihood of personal injury accidents such as premises liability accidents, slip and fall injuries, and electrical injuries increases.

As a town that is proud of its diverse recreational opportunities, things like bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, or dog bite injuries are commonplace. All of these personal injury victims need legal representation to ensure that compensation is fairly paid and insurance bad faith is avoided. We proudly offer personal injury legal counsel in a variety of practices as well as a range of geographical areas in Kansas.

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At Palmer Law Group LLP, we have 60 years of combined legal experience. We are proud to say that we have dedicated our practice to providing quality legal representation to injured Kansans since 1980. Since 2000, we have secured $60 million in compensation and recoveries for our clients, and have translated our work ethic to an extremely impressive track record of verdicts and settlements.

Our attorneys are nationally recognized by our peers and colleagues, and acknowledged by the state of Kansas as well. Attorney Gary White has been included in the Super Lawyers® list of Best Lawyers in America for 10 years (2003 - 2013), and attorneys White and Leatherman have been listed as KC Magazine's Top Lawyers in Kansas and Missouri. Attorney Girard has earned a listing in the National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100, and attorneys Girard and Van Dyk have been acknowledged by the NLTA Top 40 Under 40.

With nationally recognized legal counsel from our firm, you know that our quality of representation is too good to lose. We treat each case with the utmost commitment and only take on cases that we are willing to take to trial. If you take advantage of our free case evaluation, you can speak to a member of our firm over the phone from the comfort of your own home! Retaining legal advice has never been this easy, and simply requires the click of a button. Contact a Topeka personal injury lawyer from the firm to begin your legal process and claim the compensation you may be entitled to today!

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