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Unfortunately, many drivers fail to exercise reasonable caution while driving. Due to innovative on-board technology, automobile drivers tend to pay more attention to flashy dashboards and completely disregard simple rules of common courtesy, blatantly ignore safety standards of sharing the roads with others, and regrettably neglect the attentive behavior that would otherwise ensure the safety of other drivers. More often than not, such carelessness leads to collisions. Should an inattentive driver collide with a motorcyclist, the results are often tragic.

Because motorcyclists are more vulnerable than passengers protected by safety devices in an automobile, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries, including permanent disability or even injuries that result in fatality. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else's carelessness while riding a motorcycle, a Topeka personal injury attorney from our firm may be able to help you obtain compensation from the responsible parties or party. Legal help can determine whether or not your motorcycle claim is eligible for compensation or not, so the faster you initiate legal action, the faster we can secure a recovery for you.

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No matter how you look at a motorcycle accident case, the odds will always be stacked against motorcyclists. By nature, motorcyclists are simply at higher risk than any other motorist on the road due to the lack of protective gear that could act as a barrier between them and any element that poses as a threat to their well-being. Compared to car accidents or truck accidents, motorcycle accidents result in more fatalities, more catastrophic damages, and more life-threatening injuries each year. This is due in part by a lack of protective gear. Others motorcyclists are completely cautious, take extreme measures to protect themselves by wearing protective gear, and adhere to the laws of the road to prevent an accident, yet nothing can prepare them for the disastrous consequences of a collision with a distracted or inattentive driver.

Regardless of what type of driving behavior the motorcyclist is exhibiting, disasters are waiting to happen on crowded roadways that bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers share. It is hard for most automobile drivers to actually see motorcyclists, but this does not change the fact that the majority of Kansas motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive or distracted driving. If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to consult a Topeka motorcycle accident lawyer from Palmer Law Group LLP for legal counsel. We can discuss the circumstances that surround your case and help you in your pursuit of rightful compensation for your injuries and damages.

Legal Counsel from a Kansas Injury Attorney at Palmer Law Group LLP

Don't be a victim twice. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, your insurance company will most likely do everything in its power to avoid paying out the full compensation that to which you are entitled. Insurance companies tend to view motorcyclists as liabilities, and will try to offer them little to no compensation. This may be considered insurance bad faith, but at Palmer Law Group LLP, we are faithfully committed to you and understand the hardships you may be experiencing.

Instead of fighting insurance companies on your own, enlist the help of our devoted legal team. We share nearly 60 years of combined experience and are completely committed to providing quality legal service. Attorney White of our firm has earned the coveted Topeka's Trial Lawyer of the Year award, and as your legal counselors, we are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.

With aggressive yet compassionate legal advice, our firm is capable of effectively representing your motorcycle accident claims. If you wish to discuss your case, we offer free case evaluations during which we can determine whether your case has merit. If we decide to take on your legal matters, you can relax and focus on recovery while we pursue compensation that may be available for your particular circumstances. Contact Palmer Law Group LLP to speak to a member of our team and retain the legal counsel you deserve!

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