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Kansas State has criminalized intoxicated driving and will punish offenders as it sees fit and as often as it can. The criminal justice system and its penalties does not account for those who have been injured by a drunk driver. If you have been hit by someone who was drinking and driving, it is up to you and your own initiative to file a lawsuit against them for your damages.

At our Kansas personal injury law firm, we are familiar with the circumstances and outcome of numerous drunk driving cases. We understand that you need trustworthy representation from a legal professional now more than ever before. When you retain the services of our Topeka car accident attorneys, you will be backed by an entire team that wants to see you comfortable and successful in your claim.

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Consequences of Drunk Driving

Intoxicated drivers experience drastically reduced reaction times, causing them to crash into stopped vehicles or race through red light intersections. Drunkenness also blurs vision, distorts hearing, and dampens cognitive processes, ultimately resulting in a loss of safe vehicle control. When a drunk driver is behaving so randomly and so recklessly, it can be impossible for the most skillful of defensive drivers to avoid a collision. Due to their unpredictability and disregard for those around them, drunk drivers should always be held entirely liable for any damage and injuries that occur due to the car accident they create.

Consequences of a car accident with a drunk driver may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations (disfigurement)
  • Back and brain injuries
  • Destruction of vehicle (totaled)
  • Extensive property damage
  • Wrongful death

Medical and Recovery Costs

The initial amount you are offered through an insurance carrier will rarely be enough to fully compensate you for your pain and suffering. It is important to remember that initial medical treatments are not all that you will need to get back on your feet after a devastating accident with a drunk driver. Rehabilitation could be necessary for the rest of your life, or you may be unable to earn higher salaries if your career involves physical labor. The compensation that we at Palmer Law Group LLP can seek for you will consider all complications that could come up in the future.

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You should not be the one who suffers the most from the drunk driving car accident caused by another. Allow our Topeka car accident lawyers to take the reins on your case and seek justice on your behalf. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied, and you will see the earnestness in our actions as we support your cause and recuperation.

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